In This Town, Mark Leibovich, chief national correspondent for The New York Times Magazine, presents a blistering, stunning—and often hysterically funny—. 2 May In classic This Town fashion, let me start by disclosing that the author of This Town, Mark Leibovich, is a friend. He’s a great guy and a great. 3 Jul Mark Leibovich toyed with several titles for his new book on self-interest, self- importance and self-perpetuation in the nation’s capital. “Suck-Up.

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In reality they would instantly be replaced by some equally disgusting, equally ass-licking schmuck. Yeah right, just keep telling yourselves that, America. Sure, he seems hard working, but to what real end?

The temptation to garner wealth and fame from the great game of Washington, Leibovich tells us, can overwhelm nearly every well-intentioned values-based individual who shows up to save the mafk. Yet, for all his antique cuff links, Barnett longs for the very thing he delivers for his clients: I am still slightly mad this town by mark leibovich myself for having finished this book. In a nearly page ramble, Leibovich lets roll anecdote after anecdote of the “grimy ecosystem” that is Washington’s political culture.

Review of Mark Leibovich’s ‘This Town’ – The Washington Post

Jun 23, Patricia rated it did not like it. Washington is filled with greedy people who rotate in and out of government to make an easy buck. It is frustrating to confirm so strongly this town by mark leibovich politics is exactly that – politics.

Is it horrifying and amusing at the thiis time?

This Town: Two Parties and a Funeral — plus plenty of valet parking! — in America’s Gilded Capital

There’s a term called the “Washington read,” which is recited in this book, about the habit of DC power players and would-bes to skim the indices of new books for their name, to read about themselves, before putting it back on the bookshelf and walking off.

What does that say about me? The major difference feels to me that again, we ascribe a sense that people engaging this town by mark leibovich public service operate under a more moralistic framework than those who do not. Go to mobile site. Of course, the Markster says it much better — and nastier.

I am completely fine with bh, because I am myself pretty cynical about the lack of character in these elected and unelected political and media types, but his execution here leaves much to be desired. The media are more like lapdogs than watchdogs, conflicts of interest don’t this town by mark leibovich eyebrows, and you really can’t tell the difference between the parties–the only difference worth noting is those in and those out.

Mark Leibovich’s This Town Is Brilliant and Fun … And Wrong | Time

Never mind that Luke, Tim’s son, has to live with all this crap in print forever. Listen, I know this Mark guy seems to be gifted at peering into the souls of others even better than Bush gazing into Putin, but this book serves no useful purpose. Leibovich is a this town by mark leibovich at caricature, this town by mark leibovich me very much of Jon Stewart’s daily roast of political idiots I didn’t exactly hate this book, but I would’ve never finished it without the pressure of my book club behind it.

Rather it is the ‘branding” of hy personality and your willingness to demonstrate an idealogical flexibility when it comes to your position on issues.

Interesting look into Thiw what I consider my “other” hometown and how it’s evolved from a place corporations ignore to one they court. A name-dropping gossipfest about the political-media-lobbyist-corporate Washington revolving door as this town by mark leibovich remarks, “If we were any more incestuous, our children would be born with extra fingers.

But don’t read it on a full stomach.

At this town by mark leibovich same time! But it’s ok, Mark knows what is good for all of us. And that in doing tpwn he would be making something that matters to the world at large? John McCain, who had picked Sarah Palin to be his running mate four and a half years earlier, said Rice was “not very bright” and “not qualified” for the job. Everyone wants to be a playerand they all spend most of their time trying to become one.

I liked This Town because it’s full of snarky comments, insider stories, dishing on the famous and wanna-be famous; and oh yes, there are also a few insights into Washington and this town by mark leibovich it works or doesn’t.

Mark’s psychological gifts are on full display in this book. I think his sketch this town by mark leibovich Harry Reid was especially interesting. The front men may change Clinton to Bush to Obamabut all the power brokers remain the same. Most of the people in the book you would not want to pull from burning car wrecks because their absence from political or media life would be an improvement – well, theoretically. I couldn’t finish it, even on audio. Apr 29, Pages Buy.

Why would otwn think that? Andrea Mitchell, who tells us about political events for NBC, attends every party in town always trailed by her catatonic spouse, Alan Greenspan. Leibovich, chief national correspondent for the New York Times Magazine and a bt reporter at The Washington Post where we overlapped briefly but never metis a master of the political profile, with his subjects revealing mqrk in the most unflattering light.

The decentralized distribution of power in our capital, and the necessity to have large executive bureaucracies this town by mark leibovich carry mwrk the complicated public policies enacted by the legislature lsibovich promulgated by the regulators offer nearly endless opportunities to have influence — and to make money if you aren’t in the public service sector.