The second book in this New York Times bestselling series—an urban twist on a star-crossed love storyWhen Carlos Fuentes returns to America after living in. A high recommendation for all fans of teen romance – and there’s enough depth to it and action, coupled with a fairly gritty feel, that I can also see it appealing to. Carlos Fuentes doesn’t want any part of the life his older brother, Alex, has laid out for him in Boulder, Colorado. He wants to keep living on the edge, and carve .

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There were so many one-liners which just made me laugh so hard!

Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles

In other news, I know some people are fans of the cover art in this series but I think it is pretty mortifying. Rules of Attraction Perfect Chemistry, 2 4.

siomne In the follow-up to Perfect Chemistry, Simone Elkeles creates a compelling romance with two brilliant lead characters and has me hungry to read more of her writing. The characters were utterly and absolutely unforgettable!!! View all 13 comments. Did he not get your sangre going? It was so adorable.

The boy has it going on! Unfortunately, his ties to a Mexican gang aren’t easy to break, and he soon finds himself being set up by a drug lord. More Books from this Author. So this might shock a few people—it surprised me—but Rules of Attraction grabbed my heart and got all of my 5 shiny stars for Kiara. I mean, as long simone elkeles rules of attraction they’re together.

A minor character in the first book now takes center stage – middle brother Carlos Fuentes, being sent back to the United Simone elkeles rules of attraction from Mexico by his mother and uncle to give him a chance to escape a life of crime and gangs.

Sixth, if you bring a girl up to your room you must keep the door open.

Rules Of Attraction (Simone Elkeles) – JD Callano – Wattpad

Quotes from Rules of Attraction. Any book that can inspire readers to maybe give of themselves and put out a helping hand is a joy to come across.

She has a disabled sister whom she looks after.

rkles She has a bit of a stutter when she gets nervous. I forgot all the things somone love stories that annoy me the most. Retrieved April 28, I love her characters. Though at the end of the day, Alex is still my numero uno Fuentes brother, mi corazon. While some readers might find the storyline a little oof neat and tidy, I elkeels didn’t mind – like with Twilightwhen the characters are intensely developed and I’m drawn in and I careother things just lose their significance. I will continue on simone elkeles rules of attraction I have achieved complete Young Adult Romance world domination!

Having loved Perfect Chemistry. Because they meet in Chemistry class and I titled the book: I cannot wait to continue this series and meet baby brother in book three! I should point out that this is actually the second book of a trilogy, by the way, the first being Perfect Chemistry. Kiara, you own my heart and soul. Never simone elkeles rules of attraction far away from Carlos’ thoughts are his mother and little brother, and his longing for his country that is rife with the crippling problems of the drug trade.

He thinks he’s hot shit and the king of world. Needless to say, Kiara and Carlos don’t hit it off, despite poor Kiara’s best efforts to be his school buddy his first week in classes. Oh and she wears simone elkeles rules of attraction t-shirts. The epilogue was sweet but was a little corny. Children’s Bolgna Rights Guide Epilogue atraction, well, EPIC! I think I might just wait and see what other I atyraction be keeping my obscenely talented EYE on you, my little villano.

Okay, I’m clearly still simone elkeles rules of attraction fangirl mode, so. Simone Elkeles created a character that went after her man with honesty, an open heart, and just put herself out there.

How they get the tiny writing to go all the way through Blackpool Rock. Eokeles understand all her qualities that made him fall hopelessly in love with her. His internal struggle moved me so much…plus, he was so gosh-darned sexy! I also wish I had a sexy Latina in the next room that walked around rulea his undies… maybe one day. Get our latest book recommendationsauthor news and sweepstakes right to your inbox. Again, my simone elkeles rules of attraction is beyond all proportion.

She is the kind of girl I could see myself having been friends with in high school.

Bad boy simone elkeles rules of attraction in love with good girl, we’ve seen that plenty of times. I’m so glad that I finally picked this book up! You know that, don’t you? A high recommendation for all fans of teen romance – and there’s enough depth to it and action, coupled attractikn a fairly gritty feel, that I can also see it appealing to many people ho normally wouldn’t look twice at this genre.

It reassures me that I’m not becoming too jaded after all: For these reasons, I liked her a little more than Brittany.