13 Oct note: No partitioning in B.I , except DB2 (as it supports) .. What are the maximum number of partitions you can create on an InfoCube?. 9 Oct There are some differences in SAP BI while creating objects. We will see how to create InfoCube and other related Objects in SAP BI Infocube uses. 4 Apr How to create an InfoCube. 1. SAP BI 7.X FOR SMARTIES SERIES TBW10 Solution Exercise 5 Creating an InfoCube; 2. Creating an InfoCube.

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Start the reconstruction for the desired application. If this data is loaded into BW, you will usually see multiple values in the queries exception: Is Repartitioning available in B. To report this post you need to login first. Mandatory — User locks: Maintain high cardinality information in dimensional table. Such kind of cardinality should not be maintained in the same dimension table.

A Complete repartitioning, B Adding partitions to how to create infocube in sap bi 7.0 e fact table that is already partitioned and C Merging empty or almost empty partitions of an e fact table that is already partitioned 5. This method is used for better loading in less time. Sales Document Number in one dimension is Sales Cube.

It is a self-enclosed data set encompassing one or more related business processes. What is meant by Compression of an InfoCube. When you compressed the affected InfoCube, a database error occurred in drop partition, after the actual compression.

Step 3 Enter the Technical Name.

This infocuve one lookup into dimension table. Upon execution the primary Fact table is displayed as an how to create infocube in sap bi 7.0 node. Prerequisites In the InfoObject maintenance, the indicator with hierarchies is set for the relevant characteristic, meaning that the characteristic can have hierarchies. In doing so, each document posting with delta extracti…. A newly-created document is in the update queue awaiting transmission into the delta queue.

Reconstruction of a cube is a more common requirement infocub is required when: May 17, at 4: Cube resides on any remote system i. What is meant by table partitioning of an InfoCube?

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Which cube do SAP implements? BIW Business Intelligence Warehouse provides facility to define 16 dimensions, out of which sa are pre-defined. If there is no corresponding entry for a partition in the InfoPackage dim table orphaned.

Why you go for Reconstruction? No partitioning in B.

The primary Index is created automatically when the table is created in the database. Are the InfoCubes DataTargets? Info cube contains dimensions, key figures, There are 16 Dimensions three are system defined and rest creats customer defined and infocube having two tables F fact and E fact tables Before compression data in F Fact table after compression data moves to E fact table.


N cardinality within the same dimension. Give more attention on bring the character information through navigational attribute. Hhow do u how to create infocube in sap bi 7.0 for partitioning? SAP delivered Infocubes begins with a number usually 0. The performance gain is only gained for the partitioned InfoCube if the time dimension of the InfoCube is consistent.

Enter the Technical Name. If a BADI implementation alre…. What are InfoCube types? Infocube is data storage area in which we maintain data which we are extracting from source system physically. SQL partitioning limit issue: These are the tables we can see under expanded node: Can you explain the alternative time dependent navigational attributes in InfoCube design?

You can set the valuerange yourself. You must be logged in to post a comment. LBWQ — Delta queued. Documentquantity 10, is changed to How To Create One?

how to create infocube in sap bi 7.0 Right click ‘Dimension 1’ to assign a characteristics to Dimension 1. Documents were posted during the reconstruction. Depending on the selected update method, check below queues: Still iin you need books from me, it can be done for rs extra.

You can only change the value range when the InfoCube does not contain any data. Data Warehousing R Programming. We need to deactivate all the implementation for that BADI.