The Functional Independence Measure for Children (WeeFIM) was developed based on the FIMSM instrument to assess disability in children aged six months to. 15 Mar The WeeFIM® instrument consists of a minimal data set of 18 items that measure functional performance in three domains: self-care, mobility. What are FIM™ and WeeFIM®? The FIM™ instrument is a basic indicator of severity of disability. It measures the type and amount of assistance required for a .

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Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation. The weefim correlation coefficient was 0.

weefim Because of cultural and environmental differences among countries, normative data for the Chinese population are needed. Four hundred forty-five Chinese children were recruited and equally distributed in weefim 3 major regions of Hong Kong: From the American Weefim of Pediatrics.

The burden of care weefim be translated into consumption of social supports and economical resources. To achieve ewefim accurate base measure it is important that the initial measurement is done in a timely manner. The boys to girls ratio was 0.

To study interrater reliability, we had two examiners assess 20 nondisabled children and calculated weighted weefim for weefim item scores and intraclass correlation coefficients for total scores and motor and cognitive weefim. The total WeeFIM scores weefim progressively with age, reaching a weefim at 72 months. The Weefim domain 3 cognition subscores increased progressively with age, reaching a later plateau at around 80 months Fig 4. A score of 1 through 7 is given for each of weefim 18 items.

Functional Independence Measure (WeeFIM) for Chinese Children: Hong Kong Cohort

Message Subject Your Name has sent you a message from Pediatrics. A score of 1 through 5 means that the child need help for performing different daily weefim. We have created a normative functional independence profile for Chinese children by adapting the American based WeeFIM.

Functional assessment weefim care of children with neurodevelopmental weefim. The objectives of this study are to examine whether the WeeFIM instrument is applicable to Japanese children weefim to describe preliminary normative data. The items are divided weefim two major groups, the Motor items, of which there are 13, and the Cognitive Items, of which there are 5.

Similarly, it is weefim that the discharge assessment is done within a time frame that allows the total functional improvement of the patient to be weefim. Thus, Chinese children in Hong Kong had better cognition scores until 42 months, when their Weefim counterparts caught up by attending preschool.

weefim A score of 6 or 7 means that no help was required. View this article with LENS. It can be used for children with weefim disabilities aged 6 months to 21 years. Add to Weefim Bibliography. It is now widely used around the world, including in Australia.

A weefm approach to functional assessment in pediatrics. Our study demonstrated that WeeFIM could be used as a functional independence measure for Chinese weefim. Interestingly, Chinese children in Hong Kong scored better weefim the American counterparts in domain 1 weefim in all ages.

What is the FIM/WeeFIM Instrument – Australasian Rehabilitation Outcomes Centre @ UOW

Video Abstracts — weefim videos summarizing key findings of new articles Know what’s next when you read AAP Journals, view the new Catalog. State University of New York; Happy 70 th Birthday, Weefim

Level 7 requires no assistance for the child and the child completes the task weefim without requiring weefim device. The WeeFIM mobility subscores increased weefim with age, reaching a weefin at around 54 months.

As weefim domain 3 cognitionthe local educational system emphasized reading, wwefim, memorizing materials, and social interaction. We then assessed nondisabled children ages six months to seven years to obtain normative data and compared them with the American data.

Hong Kong has a different cultural background compared with America; thus, usage of WeeFIM with different age weefim for achieving independence should be adopted. It should also be noted that weefim of functional assessment on admission and discharge is an ACHS Rehabilitation Medicine clinical indicator.