9 Jan Each time I move offices, I read Walter Benjamin’s essay “Unpacking My Library: A Talk about Book Collecting.” The essay was first published. Walter Benjamin: “Unpacking my Library”. I am unpacking my library. Yes, I am. The books are not yet on the shelves, not yet touched by the mild boredom of. In recentyears as the works of Walter Benjamin, the German‐Jewish cultural critic and philosopher, have become more widely available in translation.

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In his essay Unpacking My Library he takes a serious if not humorous look bejnamin the act of collecting and the relationship between the collector and his or her possessions. Your comment could not be posted. Excerpted from Packing My Library: Taking the time and actual effort to produce a great article?

Unpacking My Library | The Other Reality

Email address will not be displayed with the comment. Benjmain sets the scene not by describing orderly rows of books usually associated with libraries but talking about the disarray of storage. The biggest part of walter benjamin unpacking my library offices for me is always packing and unpacking my hundreds of books acquired over the past 25 or so years.

Even though public collections may be walter benjamin unpacking my library objectionable socially and more useful academically than private collections, the objects get their due only in the latter.

This is only a preview. These are the very areas in which any order is a balancing act of extreme precariousness.

Nothing is further from my mind than to shake either your conviction or your distrust. When in B. Name and email address are walter benjamin unpacking my library. I would argue that public libraries, holding both virtual and material texts, are an essential instrument to counter loneliness. Would it not be presumptuous of me if, in walter benjamin unpacking my library to appear convincingly objective and down-to-earth, I enumerated for you the main sections or prize pieces of a library, if I presented you with their history or even their usefulness to a writer?

How many cities have revealed themselves to me in the marches I undertook in the pursuit of books! And interspersed throughout the rest of the shelves are the books, too many to name, that made me and sustained me as a scholar. By continuing to walter benjamin unpacking my library this website, you agree to their use. Each of my previous 4 walter benjamin unpacking my library moves involved getting a bigger office and more space for my books.

Tyler Cowen claims that we buy books in order to enhance our sense of self, but reading Benjamin on collecting we realize only dilettantes buy books to shore up their egos. It is a little ironic that the book or object is not the ultimate pleasure of collecting but it also incorporates the thrill of acquisition and the history of the object: Freed from their bounds, the books spill onto the floor or pile up in unsteady columns, waiting for the places that will later be assigned to them.

Having trouble reading this image? Every passion borders on the chaotic, but the collector’s passion borders on the chaos of memories. O bliss of the collector, bliss of the man of leisure!

Packing and unpacking are two sides of the same impulse, and both lend meaning to moments of chaos.

The Art of Unpacking a Library

So I have erected one ujpacking his dwellings, with books as the building stones, before you, and now he is going to disappear inside, as is only fitting. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Notify me of new comments via email.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Please enter a valid email address. This is emphasized when Benjamin suggests that most books in a library are not actually read by the walter benjamin unpacking my library. Comments are moderated, and will not appear until the author has approved them. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Walter Benjamin belongs to a group of people who he feels is becoming extinct. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below.

I, for one, have in mind something less obscure, something more palpable than that; what I am really concerned with is giving you some insight into the relationship of a book collector to his possessions, into collecting rather than walter benjamin unpacking my library collection.

Reflections on Walter Benjamin’s “Unpacking My Library” on the Occasion of Unpacking My Library

I am unpacking my library. The order in chaos quality of the collection, the way fate and the passions play themselves out in the private library, had special meaning for Benjamin.

Also, auctions can allow collectors to get carried away with winning the bid. My copy of Journey to the Center of the Earthread for the first time walter benjamin unpacking my library decades ago, became in its alphabetically ordered section a stern companion of Vercors and Verlaine, ranking higher than Marguerite Yourcenar and Zola but lower than Stendhal and Nathalie Sarraute, all members of the conventional fraternity of French-language literature.

In this way, to paraphrase Benjamin, our books do not live in us; we live in our books. The letters and numbers you entered did not match the image. In the act of setting up a library, the books lifted out of their boxes and about to be placed on a shelf shed their original identities and acquire new ones through random associations, preconceived allotments, or authoritarian labels.

A Talk about Book Collecting. For what else is this collection but a disorder to walter benjamin unpacking my library habit has accommodated itself to such an extent that it can appear as order? This site uses cookies.