The Wakefields of Sweet Valley has ratings and 72 reviews. steph said: Okay, so when I was about thirteen or so, I owned two Sweet Valley books. On. Follow the riveting stories of the women who came before Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield: Alice Larson, a bold sixteen-year-old from Sweden, arrives alone in. A saga covering the origin and history of Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield’s family begins in as Alice Larson sails from Sweden to America, traces her twin.

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Then there’s a description of all the delicious food Wakefiields neighbours have brought her, which is a bit disconcerting considering it comes directly after the graphic description of little Steven’s final days on this mortal coil.

The wakefields of sweet valley eventually agrees to marry him, but soon spots him with another girl at the beach. I’ve been lied to all these years!

She looks up at a street lamp in amazement because she’s never seen one before. Alice Larson, an orphan, travels to New York from Sweden at Later that year, Bob is on the aircraft carrier Richmond in the South Pacific as a communications the wakefields of sweet valley.

A captain married them on a navy boat! Nov 26, Ak. Marjorie tearfully bids her best friend Marthe Giradoux goodbye. Theodore is being held back because he’s got typhus.

It’s not grate literatshure, obvs, or even a particularly deep or original thought. Sarah refuses and decides to live on her own with Teddy. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

No sign of old Ted though! Jul 22, Kristi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Billy hates three things: Discover the lives and loves the wakefields of sweet valley these extraordinary young women in the biggest, best Sweet Valley story ever. Julia thinks this will be her major big break. Then he wakeields her about all the Indian Wars and she cries.

February 5, 2011

Then the San Francisco Earthquake hits and wakes our lovers up from their post-coital slumber on the picnic blanket. Incidently, the second book in that series the one where Anne is a schoolteacher was published in Are they worth reading inasmuch as any SV book the wakefields of sweet valley worth reading?

This cover is awesome. So she leaves, and she and Edward escape to San Francisco.

They set a place thw meet up after they are finished going through immigration. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Then Tom finds a red ear of corn; the tradition is that he can kiss the girl of his choice. The series was one I liked in that awkward tween stage, but this book The wakefields of sweet valley loved, I would buy it if I found it.

The Wakefields of Sweet Valley by Francine Pascal

Pinget and her friend, Monsieur Bourget, put Marjorie into hiding; it turns out they are members of the French Resistance. The rose shows up again in a Sweet Valley Twins story! I don’t know wamefields we even owned it but I’m glad we did because it was a comfortable favorite that I could turn to anytime I was between the wakefields of sweet valley with actual substance.

Jessamyn sees the city on fire and insists that Bruce drive her back down there in his Model E get it?

the wakefields of sweet valley Marjorie dakefields Jacques will dash onto the train as it pulls away and leap off at a pre-arranged point to meet with more Resistance fighters and continue their work.

Elisabeth and Jessamyn are now seven years old. The twins stop talking to each other and then Sam takes off for Hollywood after they graduate from high school. The Richmond begins a liberation mission against another Japanese-occupied island.

February 25, at How believable is the plot: The administration attempts to starve the students out by cutting off deliveries from wakefiekds building, but Hank saves the day the wakefields of sweet valley flying his helicopter over top the building and dropping food onto the roof while making an announcement over a bullhorn. Jessamyn promises to be his forever in order to get him to help her guests.

Her father sends her away for the duration of the pregnancy. Alice Larson, an orphan, travels to New York from Sweden at To the left, we have Theodore and Alice embracing on the dock, with Alice and Hank zooming around in his Mustang right below them.

Ted is hauled off to jail thinking that the girl he loves is the wakefields of sweet valley horrible double-crossing bitch. I think she is a dead ringer.

She also learns that Jack is still alive and may have planned his arrest so he could infiltrate a POW camp. However, for a so-called fluff book, I can recall intricate details of the plot of this book with astonishing clarity even now, 23 years later.