“The Solitary Reaper” is a ballad by English Romantic poet William Wordsworth, and one of his best-known works. The poem was inspired by his and his sister. The Solitary Reaper, poem by William Wordsworth, published in in the collection Poems, in Two Volumes. It is a pastoral snapshot of a young woman. 1] Coleridge, Wordsworth, and his sister had visited the Scottish Highlands in Dorothy’s Recollections for September 13 that year notes: “It was harvest.

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One of the loveliest nature poems of all time. The narrator is transfixed by the sight and sound of the titular figure, whose arresting voice fills the empty valley. The whole vale is full of the intangible and ethereal music.

The Solitary Reaper

The poet uses the coldness of Hebrides and darkness of oceans to foil the sad and lonely music. The song generates in him a feeling of resonance.

Different people may have different feelings listening to the same song. This unspeakable happiness makes him forget the sorrow of the worldly society. He continues to listen, but the transcendent moment is past. Therefore, attacks from many aspects together develop his sense of loneliness. It is reinforced by the ballad form whose tones, rhythms, solitarry rhymes emphasize the lyrical feeling.

The Solitary Reaper William Wordsworth. The words of the song are in a language unknown to him, but he remains transfixed by the melody, which seems to stretch the limits of time and space. In the second stanza, the nightingale sings out sweeter tune to a lonely visitor in the Arabian Desert; the cuckoo bird sings such a melodic sound in spring time to break the posm of the oceans among the farthest Hebrides.

It always makes me remember of nature how it is beautiful.

The loneliness of the reaper is to be analyzed in various perspectives. All of these factors lead to his sense of loneliness. The music gives the poet enormous consolation.

Mark Twain, American humorist, journalist, lecturer, and novelist who acquired international fame for…. In pain, Wordsworth turned to Ge Dewen, but quickly abandoned this way. Thus it helps readers to have a better understanding to his poetry and the beauty solitqry this loneliness.

A most beautiful melancholy poem. The lonely sense of the poet has a deep root, including time factor, and personal factors.

Alone she cuts and binds the grain, And sings a melancholy strain; O listen! Aditi Gokhale Shahane, the maid of Orleans! Scots Gaelic languagea member of the Goidelic group of Celtic languages, spoken along the northwest coast of Scotland and in the Hebrides islands. In this respect, he finds relief in her voice results from his own condition, not her intent.

Therefore, being alone can let people ponder quietly, get rid of melancholy, and enter a state of meditation. This kind soiltary loneliness not only brings to the poet sufferings, but also makes who he poe today, a pioneer of poetry writing of new style. Thanks to my english mam Muthulatha who made me understand the soul of the poem.

The huge shocks brought by the industry to the agriculture unfold the cruelest and greed facet of human beings, estrange and twist their personality. Then what is the gift?

Wordsworth believed in the power and beauty of ppem, and this figure in the landscape reinforces that belief through her haunting and melodious singing.

As yhe speaker walks away from the field, the song fades from his hearing, but its plaintive melody echoes in his heart and his imagination.

Will no one tell me what she sings? The poem is clearly exploring the impact the girl and her song have upon the poet.

The Sense of Loneliness in The Solitary Reaper

Melancholy is some mood, and it is accompanied with loneliness. Nature is an important element of his poem, and the ordinary people are where his attention lies. He published the influential Lyrical Balladswith Samuel Taylor Coleridge, inrejecting the contrived, self-consciously poetic language that was fashionable at the time.

It exists in every corner and nook of the poem. Loneliness and melancholy has close relation.

No Nightingale did ever chant More welcome notes to weary soitary Of travellers in some shady haunt, Among Arabian sands: The act of reaping alone in the field binds the girl intimately to the earth. Therefore he did not get the diploma. What do you think this poem is about? The Cambridge Introduction to William Wordsworth. The Solitary Reaper poem by Wordsworth.