Taken from the book of the same title by DOM LORENZO SCUPOLI The Spiritual Combat is known as one of the greatest classics in ascetic theology, along. Lorenzo (Lawrence) Scupoli (ca. – 28 November ) was the author of Il combattimento spirituale (The Spiritual Combat), one of the most important. The Spiritual Combat. Dom Lorenzo Scupoli. Translated by. William Lester and Robert Paul Mohan. by Newman Bookshop, New York, US. This work is.

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Your chief activity will be the interior conflict with your vicious inclinations and the performance of acts of the contrary virtues. The Combat is a practical manual of living. Then we spiritual combat scupoli see if our resolutions are cowardly or courageous, imaginary or real, and thus advance to perfection in spirituwl footsteps of the Saints.

This page was last edited on 12 Aprilat We shall speak of this later. If your strength spiritual combat scupoli you, ask spiritual combat scupoli from Psiritual. The swift flight of the bird, or the rushing torrent of a river, is slow when compared combzt the swiftness of human life. This work is published for the greater Glory of Jesus Christ through His most Holy Mother Mary and for the sanctification of the militant Church and her members.

The Spiritual Combat by Lorenzo Scupoli

Great book aimed at fighting the vices in ones life! After you have conquered the temptation, you should conduct yourself spiritual combat scupoli follows. He is then the master of both these faculties. You must know your dominant passion which must be singled out as your greatest enemy, the first to be attacked. In this way we will more quickly, and with greater facility, obtain the habit of directing all our actions to His glory. If you want to enter into the spiritual combat scupoli of His sufferings, everything about you will be a reminder of them.

When you see that God, in His infinite mercy, instead of a long punishment in purgatory, or even an eternal one in hell, has decreed but an easy and momentary one in this life, accept it, not merely with resignation, but with joyous thanksgiving. There are 66 short chapters discussing ways to combat our vices and inclinations which push us away from God. Exclude them completely—from your mind, even if they seem to be spiritual combat scupoli or good. spiritual combat scupoli

Francis de Sales kept this book in his pocket for like fifteen or twenty years or something, and I can understand why. When an object presents itself, let the understanding weigh its merits with mature deliberation before the will is permitted to embrace it if agreeable, or reject it if otherwise.

Spiritual combat scupoli your heart to Heaven.

Lorenzo Scupoli

Consider this—if the fury of your enemies combzt great, and their numbers overwhelming, the love which God holds spiritual combat scupoli you is infinitely greater. But, if at times temptations press you so hard that your spiritual combat scupoli almost combar, seems to lack sufficient strength to resist any longer, do not be disheartened, or throw down your spiritual combat scupoli.

But if a persons imagines, and persists in maintaining, that he is wiser than his superiors, how will his deception be shattered? Place yourself in the merciful arms of God, and plunge into your usual spiritual combat scupoli, as though nothing had happened. I shall not submit to you! The second reflection is one of rejoicing with Mary because of the sublime dignity to which she was elevated by her own incomparably profound humility.

Thus he learns co,bat distrust himself more, and he places all spiritual combat scupoli hopes in the assistance of the Almighty. The least action, no matter how insignificant, performed for His sake, greatly surpasses actions which, although of greater significance, are done for other spiritual combat scupoli.

In both cases the authors are shrouded in mystery. Establish your right to an eternal dwelling place by guarding the integrity of that grace. Do not think that a variety of methods will create difficulties. Do not rely on your own strength or on some resolution you have taken to die rather than offend God. Do not be satisfied with the pleasure that comes from a pleasant scent. The author was a genius, the kind that can spiditual be inspired by the grace of God and his book is a Catholic treasure and one of the greatest gifts God could have given any age, scpoli most especially this benighted age which has lost its appreciation for the kind of simplicity necessary for sanctity.

An absolute dominion has been given us by the Almighty. An excellent guide for spiritual growth! combxt

The Spiritual Combat

Let your thoughts soar to the great Hand that produced it; place all your delight in Him saying: Things must be done at the proper time, and in the most perfect manner possible. Robert Paul Mohan Translator. spiritual combat scupoli

WHEN THE DEVIL has enmeshed the soul in sin, he uses every means at his disposal to distract its attention from anything that would enable it to recognize the terrible condition into which it spiritual combat scupoli fallen.

You will lose the fear of God, spiritual combat scupoli reputation and even your life will be disregarded. Truly incredible spiritual wisdom and riches. The Spiritual Combat by Lorenzo Scupoli.

Quotes from El Combate Espiri They are ever apprehensive lest more should be laid upon them than spiritual combat scupoli can bear. When you see these thoughts present themselves and attempt to make spiritual combat scupoli impression, recollect yourself and speak to Christ crucified saying: Whatever He wills, without exception, should be received with the firm persuasion that every cross He wills to send shall prove an endless source of scypoli, a treasure whose value one may not appreciate at the moment.

Let the soul cry out: If we desire to avoid such a dangerous obstacle, we must accustom ourselves not to desire or execute anything unless it is through the impulse of the Holy Spirit, combined with a pure intention of honoring Him Who desires to be not only the first Principle, but also the last End of our every word and action, through spiritual combat scupoli observance of the following method. Touch the empty reputation they think they possess, and of which they are extremely jealous. We begin acts of religion not from the sole motive of doing the will of God, but for a sensible pleasure that often accompanies such acts.

If you really have in mind at all times the war you spiritual combat scupoli undertaken, you will hardly find time to breathe, much less to throw your energy away in silly, inane conversations. But if we neglect this method, though we may flatter ourselves that we are actuated by a spiritual combat scupoli of spiritual combat scupoli in God, we will usually be deceived.

My sister and I did this as a weekly book study, reading and reflecting on one or more chapters at a time.

Lorenzo Scupoli – Wikipedia

Never permit its entrance until you have completely submerged your self-love in offering this to Spiritual combat scupoli. He loves you so tenderly that He is delighted with every heroic act of virtue you perform and with the return of your fidelity and courage to His immense love.

In our redemption He passed by spirituall most brilliant Angel to choose His only Son, Who paid the price of the world, not with perishable gold or silver, but with His sacred blood in a death as cruel as spiritual combat scupoli was wretched.