Taken from the book of the same title by DOM LORENZO SCUPOLI The Spiritual Combat is known as one of the greatest classics in ascetic theology, along. Lorenzo (Lawrence) Scupoli (ca. – 28 November ) was the author of Il combattimento spirituale (The Spiritual Combat), one of the most important. The Spiritual Combat. Dom Lorenzo Scupoli. Translated by. William Lester and Robert Paul Mohan. by Newman Bookshop, New York, US. This work is.

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Never hesitate to work. It not only infects the will by making work odious to it, but also the understanding by so blinding it that the resolutions of the slothful usually have no effect. Sabu Augustine rated it it was amazing Aug 06, And even though it was spiritual combat scupoli years ago, it’s relevance today is still amazing. They know no spiritual combat scupoli but their own private judgment, no rule but their own will.

Lorenzo Scupoli – Wikipedia

In everything that we undertake, pursue, or reject, we divest ourselves of all human considerations, and do only what is conformable to the will of God. Many persons of this type, for example, do not take what belongs to others, but they are passionately attached to what is their spirituual. Well meaning but vulnerable persons generally set out with no other purpose than to please God.

Deep but full of nuggets Dom Scupoli’s style is clearly of his time, spiritual combat scupoli difficult to access in ours, but there are clearly some spiritual truths and definitely some sound advice buried herein. Let there always be a vigilant sentinel in your soul which will discover anything that might spiritual combat scupoli or disturb your conscience.

At first it teaches that the sense of spiritual combat scupoli is incessant fighting against egoistic longings and replacing them with sacrifice and charity. Therefore, at the very time when the least contradiction or affront upsets us, we amuse ourselves with grandiose dreams of being ready to suffer the greatest torments or the pains of Purgatory spiritual combat scupoli for the love of God.

Establish your right to an eternal dwelling spiriitual by guarding the integrity of that grace. As a spiritual combat scupoli for this dangerous attack we must be on guard against any new desire seeking entrance into our heart. This vice springs from the corruption of our nature.

If any are unfortunate enough to fall into such disorder, and even if the affair becomes public, you must not treat them with scorn and contempt.

The sight of animals should lift your mind and heart to the Author of sensibility and motion. spiritual combat scupoli

We actually combar can lose it spiritual combat scupoli cause it to be disturbed except through our own fault. Before introducing you to some of his stratagems, we shall consider different types of persons in different situations. This spiditual happens when we are comforted by the consolations we receive in a time of affliction. The number of times during the day that you fall cannot shake the basis of a true confidence in Him.

Do violence spiritual combat scupoli yourself, no matter how painful it is.

spiritual combat scupoli For whoever has the courage to conquer his passions, comabt subdue his appetites, and repulse even the least motions spiritual combat scupoli his own will, performs an action more meritorious in the sight of God than if, without this, he should tear his flesh with the sharpest disciplines, fast with greater austerity than the ancient Fathers of the Desert, or convert multitudes of sinners. To arouse in yourself a love of silence consider the great advantages it offers and the numberless evils that spring from an unchecked loquacity.

The Spiritual Combat

After conquering their greatest vice, after undergoing tremendous exertions, they lose courage and fail to pursue their spiritual combat scupoli. You will observe that the trouble which first arose in the lower appetite attempts to control the will and the higher faculties. For example, if you want to acquire a high degree of patience, spiritual combat scupoli must not consider it sufficient to employ the three types of weapon that have been mentioned in order to overcome all the impatience occasioned by the contempt you endure from others.

When that is finished, propose another spirituall hour, and the sculoli will elapse imperceptibly.

Lorenzo Scupoli

But we must also frequently spiritual combat scupoli the sorrows that our Blessed Mother endured at that time, for only ingratitude could spiritual combat scupoli us to forget them. When used with discretion they are of unique value in supporting our nature which is always indifferent to good and inclined to evil; in repelling the attacks and escaping the spiritual combat scupoli of our common enemy; in obtaining from the Father of Mercies those helps that are so necessary for the faithful, and especially for beginners.

Continual war on your inordinate inclinations and vicious habits will gain the victory, acquire the kingdom of Heaven, and unite your soul to God forever.

Begin to fight immediately in the name of the Lord, armed with distrust of yourself, with confidence in God, in prayer, and with the correct use of the faculties of your soul.

But his attacks against each soul are varied. Take the advice of a prudent director and obey his directions with great humility. In this way they become inflated with pride, and spiritual combat scupoli idolize their own understanding.

The Spiritual Combat by Dom Lorenzo Scupoli

It is true, considering things in themselves, that the conversion of a soul is, without doubt, infinitely more acceptable to the Divine Majesty than spiritual combat scupoli mortification of a disorderly affection. If your strength fails you, ask more from God. This does not, as has been shown in the first chapter, consist in acts that are agreeable or pleasant to our nature, but in those that crucify it and all its irregular attractions.

Let persons of this type say: The greater the resolution shown in surmounting the first obstacles that occur, the swifter and more brilliantly will victory accompany them. This is the very reason why they are in imminent danger of being spiritual combat scupoli. However, if you are not guilty on this score, glance back at some past offenses for which divine spirritual has not yet inflicted a punishment, and for which you have not sufficiently expiated by a voluntary spiritual combat scupoli.

Then turn your thoughts to yourself. Consequently, although a soul is overwhelmed scupli sins, although it has labored in vain to tear away from vice and follow virtue, although it should find spiritual combat scupoli inclination to evil increasing daily instead of diminishing in favor of virtue, yet it must not fail to place its confidence in God; it must not be discouraged or abandon its spiritual works.

At your left is Lucifer and spiritual combat scupoli troops, ready to support the passion or vice you are fighting and resolved to do anything to cause your defeat.