24 Jan Nicolaas van Rensburg, who is sometimes known as Siener (Seer) van Rensburg was a deeply pious man, an Afrikaner – in other words a. Siener van Rensburg – Profeet of waarsêer? Die “voorspellings” waaroor so hoog opgegee word was eintlik niks meer as net ‘n kort samevatting van wat die. 20 Feb Siener Van Rensburg Voorspellings Pdf Download >>

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The world is changing right now; the prepared will get through it. There are many other profits that have similar visions and all relate to an imbalance.

Siener van Rensburg – Wikipedia

Voting for a white party is going to fail because a white party will never have a majority. Gypsy women are strong.

But if someone wants to brag, then let them brag about this:. All pagan origins, voorspelkings trumpetcal mweb. America and England will become bankrupt and full of debts.

Lain said this on March 11, at 1: The majority of South Africans are not white. What if both references to Indians were to the Gupta family which has, jointly with Jacob Zuma, thrown our entire country into chaos?

As ek kan help, stuur my vertel hoe.

The current ANC government is promoting itself to the detriment of all others and this is what is causing the resentment and strife in this country at the moment. Please provide a username for your profile page: It may sound terrible but a really good world war may be just the right answer to deal with an imbalance. The fact of the matter is that no Christian prophet has stood up sener spoken with such clarity as Siener has and I would say that the revelation that he had received is absolutely critical for us a nation today, i order that we may regulate our lives accordingly.

Binne 2 dae het Hy my eenvoudig net insig gegee, my verstand geopen om die werled se geldstelsel te sien vir wat dit is en hoe dit werk. Let me tell you something: GOD will help us he is true to his promises but many will die in order to galvanize our nation. What makes the Afrikaner different from other believers?

Siener van Rensburg

Both groups are racist and that does not speak of the Holy Spirit. I knew someone working on a book once, but it has been 2 years, and I never heard back from him.

Sc, add some common sense and investigate IBM and you will see what I mean. I think what we should remember is that, its an interpretation of the original writing of siener van rensburg, so its open to debate. Comment on this story. Even I did get similar dreams from God, these are always aligned with Biblical reference and the things DO happen, which is the test for a true prophet.

Byron said this on August 24, at 7: Talk about getting rid of oppression from the white man and then voluntarily submitting to the evil authority of the most evil oppressors in the world! Suzette said this on September 2, at 5: I am afraid that our nation is too stubborn and rebellious to submit to His authority and would typically want to be their own Gods and have Jesus Christ as a mascot instead. Kshah said this on November 1, at 5: Now that prophecy has, of course not yet come true, but it remains a classic example of his more straightforward prophecies.


While the number of blacks will double. GetYourOwnDeliverance said this on December 1, at 6: If the DA cannot even maintain streetlights, sidewalks, water leaks, etc, in their own wards, how are they ever going to create and sustain 6 million jobs right across the country?

Dit is belaglik dat ons mense evangeliseer, tot by die Here kry en dan laat merk vir die antichris. Suzette Dibden said this on March 1, at 6: