With RAUPIANO Plus, a sound insulated domestic waste water system, REHAU has yet again succeeded in setting a new benchmark in quality and excellence. REHAU’s experience speaks for itself, with more than 15 years of experience, and millions of metres of RAUPIANO Plus installed across the world. A versatile. Valid from December Subject to technical modifications. RAUPIANO PLUS. The versatile acoustic drainage and trade waste system. Installer guide.

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The material offers high chemical resistance at pH values between 2 and Rehau raupiano plus are more factors to rehau raupiano plus considered: Finally, the robust rauppiano layer is tough enough to withstand impacts and shocks.

Installation of a 3-bathroom and 1-kitchen apartment 2. The polypropylene-based drainage system is suitable in a wide range of buildings from comfortable homes, modern hospitals, and hectic commercial kitchens to contemporary skyscrapers.

It even easily fulfils the more stringent VDI standard. Fire Protection For fire protection of penetrations through fire-rated ceilings and walls, it is compulsory to install suitable rehau raupiano plus collars that will not reduce the fire rating of the particular building elements.

This stabilizes the sound behavior, reduces sound generation and thus achieves even better noise dampening in the impact area. Fire, smoke and gases must not be allowed to rehau raupiano plus to other rooms for a defined resistance period. Combined together, the composite layers create a tough, durable pipe, with outstanding acoustic properties that gives all the functionality of a drainage pipe system combined with the noise rehau raupiano plus properties of lagging.

This enables the system to be an ideal solution for trade waste applications, such as in hospital, hotels and commercial kitchens.

REHAU RAUPIANO PLUS Adapters | Inrusstrade

Mass-optimized bends Flow redirection is a critical area in impact noise creation. This can have a negative effect on sound performance. Quieter than the ticking of a watch: In rehau raupiano plus business, not everything is selected by material price. And some things cannot be measured by money, like healthy and safety.

Rehau raupiano plus protection is not only about making sure rakpiano burns, but ensuring that lives can be saved in the instance of fire.

Adapters of REHAU RAUPIANO PLUS sound-absorbing system

Underground installation is no problem due to the exceptional rigidity. Its multi-layer pipe construction increases the pipe rigidity and enhances the sound insulation properties.

The sound-dampening bracket consists of a rubber-lined guiding and fixing clamp, which work together effectively in decoupling vibrations from the drainage stack to the fixing rehau raupiano plus. Do you want to stay on this page or do you want to open your country specific site? In addition, by utilising push-fit technology without the need for glued rehau raupiano plus, RAUPIANO provides added freedom for future alterations to gradients and alignments, greatly enhancing the ease and speed of installation.


The high ring stiffness makes the pipes robust for transport, storage and handling. For fire protection of penetrations through fire-rated ceilings and walls, it is compulsory to install suitable fire collars that will not reduce the fire rehau raupiano plus of the particular building elements.

The mineral filled mid-layer ensures superb sound dampening properties and offers increased stiffness. This site exists also for your country.

Installation is done by 2 installers with 9 daily working hours. Flow redirection is a critical area in impact noise creation.

llus This significantly minimizes structure-borne sound transmission to the installation wall. To minimise this effect targeted mass optimization was carried out in sound-critical areas of elbows with a nominal width of DN 90 to DN Additionally, hydraulically optimized inner contours of rehau raupiano plus branches minimize flow noise.

RAUPIANO Plus bend socket/spigot 87°

The smooth, abrasion-resistant inner layer optimizes the flow, while the impact-resistant outer layer provides robustness for handling on construction sites. Rehau raupiano plus PP drainage reduces rehau raupiano plus amount of PVC within a project which can award valuable credit points towards the buildings green star rating.

This simplifies installation and prevents horizontally installed pipes from sagging. The abrasion resistant, low friction inner layer ensures the easy transit of waste. Stay on Pus site.

Combined in a composite construction three separate layers impart unique characteristics on the pipe. All these factors eventually translate to dollars and cents.