Specifications. Specs. AN/PEQ AN/PEQ Weight w/ Batteries. oz. oz. Length. in. in. Width. in. in. Height. in. in. Power Source. The ATPIAL (AN/PEQ) has been battle-tested for use on small arms and crew- served weapons. This device is the U.S. Armed Forces standard for night. EOTech ATPIAL (AN/PEQ) – ADVANCED TARGET POINTER ILLUMINATOR AIMING LIGHT • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!.

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Ensure that the mount is seated squarely over the rail.

The procedures to zero are as follows. Fire the weapon maintaining sight alignment and sight picture. Any slot may be used as long as the mount does not hang over the edge of the rail. For further details on how we will use your personal data, please review our Privacy Policy. Appendix H shows the most current meter boresight target peq 15 tm.

This location on the meter zero target is 9 squares below 8 cm divided by. Every barrel is different; therefore, with every weapon, steps d through f must peq 15 tm done to ensure that the bore light is zeroed to that barrel. If 155 bore light does not stop on the zeroing mark, then elevation and windage adjustments must be pq to the bore light.

Using tools to tighten the mounting hardware peq 15 tm damage equipment. The weapon can be stabilized on a tripod or using the bipod as a field-expedient method. Then, without moving the weapon, fire one round. He divides the number of clicks for each by peq 15 tm and moves the elevation and azimuth actuators that number of clicks.

The commands of Start Point and Half Turn are given to ensure clear communication between the soldier by the weapon and the soldier by the offset.

Do not force the torque limiting knob past its intended stop. Note the strike peq 15 tm the prq and repeat the process until the rounds impact on target. The gunner installs the sight on the MB rail mount by loosen the mounting knob peq 15 tm on the left side. Perform live-fire exercises with ammunition. The M straight telescope is now zeroed and ready for operational shooting. He oeq the lever t, assembly to secure the sight to the bracket.

One of the key improvements in the ATPIAL is the addition of a co-aligned visible laser diode which increases functionality, allowing for use without night vision devices. Searching means moving the muzzle of the weapon up or down to distribute fire in depth. The sight is equipped with variable peq 15 tm LED illumination of the reticle.

Operator Maintenance Manual AN-PEQ15 ATPIAL – MOD Armory

The aiming beam operates at low power and the illuminating beam operates at full power. By hand, tighten the torque limiting knob until you hear two clicks. Eyepiece Indicators Figure G The tactical mode should only be used on the M60 peq 15 tm gun, and MB machine gun. Confirm that the bore light spins on itself when zeroed at 10 meters. Antireflective peq 15 tm lens system, 28mm clear objective, x3. Remove battery cap 1 by turning it counterclockwise and holding the rotary reticle illumination switch 3 stationary.

Insert the M60 hinge pin 8 through the holes 10 of the bracket 3 and insert the M60 hinge pin latch 5 through the M60 hinge pin until interlocked. Tactical Lights and Lasers.

This includes body position, foxhole, and prone. With both eyes open, the gunner is more aware of the surroundings and feels less strain on his eyes. The scanner reflects the IR peq 15 tm received from the telescope on the detective assembly. The aiming system has integrated infrared and visible aiming gm and an infrared peq 15 tm.

Ensure that the bolt fm locked in the forward position. The windage adjustment screw is used when zeroing the weapon.

Then using a meter offset, boresight peq 15 tm weapon with any optic, laser, peq 15 tm iron sight that you are assigned to fire. While maintaining the reticle aiming point on the target, he moves the reticle aiming point to the strike of the rounds by manipulating the elevation and azimuth actuators. Close the cover of the weapon. The TPIAL projects an infrared laser beam that cannot be seen with the eye but can be peeq with night vision devices.

Release the feed tray cover latch 6 and fully raise the feed tray cover 7.


Using Reticle to Estimate Range. Zeroing the M straight telescope aligns the sight to the barrel of the machine gun so that the point of aim equals the point of impact. The MB machine gun has a rail mount already attached to the cover assembly Figure G Tighten the lever screw assembly Figure G Sign In Sign Out.

After making corrections on the sight, fire a confirming burst. The MB machine gun has a rail mount already attached to peq 15 tm cover assembly. Remove the two forked ends from the headless pins and lift up on the mounting bracket to remove it from the feed peq 15 tm mechanism assembly.

Turning the windage adjustment screw 3 clockwise one click moves the point of impact left 2. This control is disabled after 10 seconds of inactivity. Zero the bore light. He uses an empty cartridge case peq 15 tm over the lever arm to increase leverage as the screw is tightened.

Secure it with the MWTS retaining clip.