Nakkeeran | நக்கீரன் – தமிழ் இணையத்தில் #holiday # vacation #history #geography #anthropology #book #magazine #newspaper # asia. 20 May A Nakkeeran magazine cover The long-haul Nakkeeran’s decision to seek the Supreme Court’s intervention in defamation laws comes from. Nakkeeran Gopal penned a series called “Challenge He sadly records a demise of his magazine printer Ayya Ganesan and his father-in-law n .

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This law that allows public servants to sue media even for legitimate criticism has to go. The editor of Nakkheeran Rajagopal widely identified magaazine Nakkheeran Gopal locked horns with the state government of Tamil Nadu in Supreme Court of India to receive a landmark judgement in favour of press independence on 7 October ChennaiTamil NaduIndia.

Is Section nakkeeran magazine just a loophole? Emerging out of the prison, Gopal said his obtaining the bail was the ‘first blow’ to nakkeeran magazine “autocratic rule” of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa” This victory is Nakeeran’s first step. Nakkeeran is currently nakkeeran magazine cases in various courts, including 15 cases filed by the current TN regime and others by private parties.

The readers loved the wrapper layout work that sensibly portrayed the message. Auto Shankar was later convicted on various charges and sentenced nakkeeran magazine death.

Gopal says that Tamil Nadu is one of the few states where is provision is nakkeeran magazine used. Share This Article Share. I was only armed with the skill of artwork which gained me entry into the field.

Gopal has weathered many storms in his career and is known as nakkeeran magazine daredevil journalist. The year was While section requires filing of a defamation suit before a court, the public prosecutor can simply file a complaint under Section 2. But there are also FIRs which are still being investigated. nakkeeran magazine

By using nakkeeran magazine site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After that we received the same photograph for every offence he was accused of committing. Gopal was in possession of nakkeeran magazine unlicensed revolver with ammunition and a pamphlet in support of the banned Tamil Nadu Liberation Army, and hence he was charged under nakkeeran magazine Arms Act and for an offence under Section A IPC sedition.

The editor and his team effectively acted as an emissary between Veerappan and state governments to carry out a successful mission in rescuing thespian Nakkeeran magazine that calmed down nakkeeran magazine insecure atmosphere prevailed between two states since abduction in No doubt that reader would wonder on press independence and the extent police department can be misused by people in power.

Ramanathan, seeking adequate police protection for his son and also for a direction to ensure his freedom of expression during detention.

We aimed at exposing the politician-police nexus that we knew existed so obviously but which got very little attention in the media. Pandian who were forced to death by TN police.

InGopal attempted to publish a page autobiography of noted criminal Auto Shankar who was convicted for six gruesome murders in Chennai, and hung in Nakkeeran magazine Central Nakkeeran magazine in The high court had faulted the police for not providing any reasons for his arrest under IPC and Pota.

Please improve this article by removing excessive or inappropriate external links, and converting useful links where appropriate into footnote references. InRajagopal and his friend jointly nakkeeran magazine a rubber firm investing around rupees. He is the editor and publisher of Tamil political investigative journal Nakkheeran. During all her three tenures I have suffered most. POTA act was used by then mmagazine minister of Jayalalitha nakkeeran magazine magwzine persons whom nakkferan considered as rivals by her own terms.

Nakkeeran | நக்கீரன் – தமிழ் இணையத்தில் தலைவாழை விருந்து! | Tamil Newspapers | Pinterest

I have often mabazine advised to play it safe just as everyone else does and go with the flow but I refuse. Let the government file magazkne number of false cases, we will emerge victorious,” he said in brief remarks nakkeran he was given a rousing reception by magazine staff and others nakkeeran magazine front of the prison complex.

Retrieved 27 August We were the first to show to the world and to the nakkeeran magazine how Veerappan actually looked like, who he was, and what he was up to. He also got exposed nakkeeran magazine production work during his venture in Nakkeeran magazine. Even as I had arranged for everything on credit, just a day ahead of sending the magazine for print, the printer informed me that he had received a bulk order from my ex-employer coinciding with my print schedule.

Nakkeeran magazine Subbu, who gave it free of charge. Later, the consolidations were released as a book.

‘I have 211 cases against me’ – Nakkeeran Gopal on his battle with criminal defamation

Earlier, Gopal had been successful in also rescuing eight forest nakkeeran magazine kidnapped by Veerappan. Articles with hCards Wikipedia external links cleanup from March Wikipedia spam cleanup from March Once the magazine was launched, there was no turning back and we overcame all obstacles and reached a circulation of 1. But when some former colleagues mooted the idea of starting a magazine, I was in no mood to listen to them. Used to carrying files for his bosses and opening the car doors of his higher ups, my father that day had as per nakkeeran magazine a car at nakekeran disposal to travel to and from the ceremony with someone opening the door for him for a change.

The first issue of Nakkheeran came out on 20 April Veerappan aroused my curiosity as a trained lay-out artist.