Keith Carlock’s achievements prove that talent, skill, and determination is. Edition: DVD, Drums. Hudson Music proudly presents this interactive drum DVD featuring Keith Carlock performing with his trio and with backing tracks, and. Hudson Music proudly presents this interactive drum DVD featuring Keith Carlock performing with his trio and with backing tracks, and includes Keith answering.

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Keith Carlock paints the Big Picture – Abstract Logix

On the DVD, Keith demonstrates various ways that he applies this concept. Being an audience member at a Hudson shoot is like attending an all-day drum picturf.

I put all these influences together in a way that works together, but hopefully sounds like me. All the while the Hudson crew followed along with the outline from various positions throughout the studio. Yes, we played several tunes and discussed our approach to the music in detail. In the studio control room, producer Paul Siegel and co-producers Greg McKean and Joe Bergamini set up on one side of the room, while engineer Sean McClintock and his assistants sit at the mixing console.

The Big Picture is now available. Playing shows consistently has helped my fluidity, finesse, and flow. They have set the bar in the instructional video world, so I had comfort in that, but also pressure to make sure I had my ideas and approach together as much as possible.

As a player, it gave me so much to draw from.

The entire crew is wired together to talk in real time on headsets, and communicate with the artist and cameramen out in the studio. It was interesting to set up basically how we do in a club and record it professionally through a Neve board.

The Big Picture « Hudson Music

Reprinted with permission from Drummer MagazineDecember The crew and pictuge for a DVD shoot such as this are dispersed into different places in the studio, in order to observe the different sections for which theyareresponsible. The new Hudson Music carloock, Keith Carlock: Clinton, Mississippi is is where Keith Carlock was born and piture and where he started playing the drums at age 5.

Growing up I was also always in drumlines and marching band as well as orchestral bands in school. It has been a great year, but I never complain if things are busy. During the course of the four-hour program, Keith displays the chops that have allowed him to take on these high-profile yet diverse playing situationsand top the Pop, Fusion, All-Around and Studio categories of the major drum magazines Readers Pollswhile sharing the knowledge that will allow viewers to become better bigg and more complete musicians themselves.

It sounded really good. I think my time has gotten much stronger and dynamic control is more wide. Intense Set After a long first day, the second day was devoted to filming Keith performing with Wayne Krantz and Tim Lefebvre, caelock the trio that has been astounding audiences in New York City for over ten years.

In High School, he joined the jazz band, show choir and drum corps. Also, I never had to look right into a camera to speak. Joe Bergamini takes up the story. Covering a wide spectrum of technical and musical concepts and offering a fresh carock on the state of contemporary drumming, The Big Picture: Hudson been incorporating these features into all of its latest projects to try to make them as useful as possible for all drummers and drum teachers.

Show of the Week: It is a fun band, not too serious ya know?

Over the years, we really grew as a band, and as improvisers, and I really feel we found something very unique and special. I was amazed at the level of professionalism, and the Hudson team did a great job.

After a brief sound-check they launched into an intense set, stopping between songs to answer questions from the audience and explaining their approach to the complex music that they play.

Director Rob Wallis is positioned in a video engineering room that is set up in a separate area along with all the tape machines, hard drives, and monitors required to capture the footage.

It eventually turned into a steady Thursday night gig for us and we would rehearse at least once a week to learn music and work out ideas and conceptual stuff.

The Big Picture

We played duo one day and hit it off, and Wayne later asked me to do a gig at the I think this DVD will appeal to drummers of all ages and levels and also to guitar and bass players alike. With its wide range of subject matter and comprehensive coverage, The Big Picture provides a thorough view of Carlocks advanced approach to modern drumming as well as an overview of the fundamental skills that every drummer needs to play a full range of modern music.

I think this part of the video came out great and will be very interesting for musicians to experience. Speaking into a camera and having to create perfect performances in a short amount of time can be a very high-pressure situation, in some ways even more stressful than a major recording. And I think we found a very cool approach that is a lot different than other instrumental jam bands out bjg.

I spoke to the audience while the camera filmed that interaction. But, we shall wait and see. All of this material and much more is played kwith explained in great detail on the Keith Carlock: Also, I hope to finally do a solo project.

The audience was able to ask questions not only of Keith, but also of Wayne and Tim.

The groove is really the most important thing. Keith Carlock paints the Big Picture Interviews.