31 Oct KAFKA WAS THE RAGE A Greenwich Village Memoir. By Anatole Broyard. pp. New York: Carol Southern Books/ Crown Publishers. $ 20 May Brilliant, funny, penetrating observations on life and culture in N.Y.C. after WW II from critic Broyard, who died of cancer in (Intoxicated by. Buy Kafka Was the Rage: A Greenwich Village Memoir 1st Vintage Books Ed by Anatole Broyard (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday.

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Maybe it’s because I just finished reading Incognegroa thin graphic novel that leverages the idea of “passing” into a lot of interesting narrative turns, that I found Kafka was the Rage frustrating.

In rare instances, a publisher aantole elected to have a “zero” moving wall, so their current issues are available in JSTOR shortly after publication.

Export Citation Export to RefWorks. They wore their souls like negliges that they never took off. Memoirs would not have such a bad reputation if they were all this spare, this precise. I don’t make heavy use of simile myself, or even provide much description of characters as a rule, which may be either a virtue or a fault in my writing, but perhaps for that very reason I rather enjoy wild use of simile in a writer like Broyard.

And yet it exalts, complicates, and saddens. He was criticized for failing kafka was the rage by anatole broyard acknowledge his black ancestry.

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A Greenwich Village Memoir. Journals that are combined with another title.

Select the purchase option. I’d like to watch how literary connections and the allure of NYC influenced each step of this book, from the publisher’s advance to the first set of reviews.

Which of the following best describes you? Interesting look at post-War life in Greenwich Village. Miller almost feels like a resolution.

Perhaps when I’m elderly I too will claim that I never had a dirty apartment, always wore underpants, and never contemplated suicide. InAnatole Broyard was a dapper, earnest, fledgling avant-gardist, intoxicated by books, sex, and the neighborhood that offered both in such abundance.

Sex is not the problem or the solution. I needed a job. Highly recommended, especially to college-age students. And for some excellent writing in the area kafka was the rage by anatole broyard semi-autobiographical, social reflection and sexual exploration, go with Henry Miller and Anaiis Nin.

You had to drive everywhere, even to pick up a quart of milk. Trivia About Kafka Was the Rag Jun 24, Pages. In the book, he describes living in Greenwich Village in the late forties.

KAFKA WAS THE RAGE by Anatole Broyard | Kirkus Reviews

We are experiencing technical difficulties. That story would have been one I’d have been more interested to kafka was the rage by anatole broyard. Aug 27, Bill rated it liked it Shelves: I especially liked how Broyard was always happening to meet huge literary figures.

I finished this 2 days ago and have since returned to Henry Miller’s Sexus. It’s kinda surreal, but a convincing coming 0f age portrait. I could never take a dispassionate view of it; it always remained for me a kind of exhibitionism to sit in a bathtub in front of somebody else.


Stylish written, mercurially witty, imbued with insights that are both affectionate and astringent, this memoir offers an indelible portrait of a lost bohemia. It may have meant a lot to him in looking back on his life, but it is of limited value to the kafka was the rage by anatole broyard reader. Not surprisingly, the store’s a success people are clamoring to re-create themselves and they treat books as the new guidebooks for doing this and as the title suggests, Kafka books were both scarce and hotly desired.

It’s true, but I didn’t really mind. Broyard does occasionally have a nice turn of phrase, and as a snapshot of a magical time when possibility kafka was the rage by anatole broyard only recently returned to the world it’s charming, but I had limited tolerance for the author repeatedly bragging about all the women who wanted to sleep with him and all the male friends who were desperate to get the benefit of his literar 5 on the list of David Bowie’s favourite books, a sometimes gratingly self-regarding memoir of a pretentious hipster in New York after the war.

Apr 29, Aaron rated it it was ok. Kafka Was the Rage: In some ways it seems like a frustrating pointless life and time, with people moving in and out of each other’s lives, discussing philosophy, but finding no answers. Ultimately, however much Broyard flirts with the avant-garde, he retreats to childhood conventions in taste and upbringing; that kafka was the rage by anatole broyard knows he is unable to escape these prejudices is one of the things that makes the book so charming: