Grayloc products with clamp connectors (clamps, seal ring, hubs, bolting), compact flanges, thermowells. Grayloc. ®. Products – An Oceaneering International. Company. Oceaneering is a global oilfield provider of engineered services and products, primarily to the. Grayloc Products is pleased to offer its products with the products/ services guarantee as set forth in the terms and conditions printed on page 31 of this catalog.

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Fire Hydrant Troubleshooting Fire Hydrant Troubleshooting Pulsation or chatter during opening and flow of water from hydrant.

Manufactured with extra wall thickness to allow welding directly to the vessel with no additional reinforcement For corrosive environments, seats and nozzle bores can be protected with weld-deposited overlays or liners Sealing surfaces of standard carbon and low alloy steel nozzles are protected by electroless nickel coating Standard lengths and sizes are listed in the following chart, other configurations are available based on application.

Founded in HK Trading has established itself as a notable trading company. Department of the Interior, and the American Gas Association jointly sponsored a program to develop coal gasification technology.

Grayloc Technology | Oceaneering

These couplings are furnished with restraint rings that, when affixed More information. This, in turn, has a direct impact on equipment availability and maintenance costs.

Other gate valves for water 4. August 12, 6. These terms and conditions apply to written or oral orders.

Grayloc and Techlok Content Pack V1.1

Tension Withstands greater tension loads than conventional ANSI flanges In most cases, withstands more tension loading than the pipe itself In destructive tests, pipe can be loaded in tension to failure without causing the Grayloc connector to leak Examples of Grayloc connector applications in extreme service conditions Vibration: Routine liquefied gas service including liquid hydrogen and nitrogen to F.

Our manufacturing grauloc enables us to quickly adapt standard instruments to More information. Metal-to-metal sealing makes Grayloc thermowell assemblies capable of higher pressures and temperatures. Valves and fittings for gas 7. However, a complete line of other piping components is available for most pipe sizes and service conditions. Rgayloc with one axial high performance spring Index of contents Chapter More information.

Since the beginning, the company has transformed from a small regional diving company into a global provider of engineered catalotue and services. It is imperative that the user read these warnings and use of the assembly instructions More information. July 14, 1.

Grayloc Product Catalog – PDF

The high quality level system implemented within the Company ensures. Our manufacturing facility enables us to quickly adapt standard instruments to. These connectors are designed for use in pluggable More information. The Office grwyloc Coal Research, U. Start display at page:.

Transition hubs reducing and enlarging are recommended when designing transition piping. Download “Grayloc Product Catalog”. Seal Depth Carbon Stl. The requirements for pipe material and installation in sewer and drainage collection systems. Graloc strive to maintain a truly diverse workforce at Oceaneering.

Service connection valves for water 6. At this moment there are no hydraulic piping standards available which cover different pressure classes More information. Edmonton Exchanger has over 30 years of on-site maintenance and construction experience in the petrochemical. Sizes of corresponding hubs and seal rings do not change when X clamps are used.

They are built to last with shell, heads and ANSI. Developing, integrating, and applying both new and established technologies to the challenges of operating in space and other harsh environments.

Oil and Gas Production Onshore cataloguw offshore wellheads, tees and ells, manifolds, chokes, valve ends, compressors, general piping, loading risers and pipelines. Specifications subject to change without notice.