19 Aug THIS book contains the second group of experienceswhich I was privileged to havethrough the Love and assistance of the BelovedAscended. True magic is white magic or divine magic, and appears “magical”. There is a book called “The Magic Presence” by Godfre Ray King. It is the second book in the. THE MAGIC PRESENCE. BY GODFRE RAY KING. *. CHAPTER I. A Strange. Occurrence. ILEFT you, my reader, at the end of Unveiled. Mysteries, with the Great.

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I AM receiving the presents of light, life, and love of the Presence of God in me.

I AM the purifying Presence of God in me. I, William Star, often laugh and cry with tears of joy when I read this book. I AM the Presence that has a perfect plan, pattern and paradigm for my life. A Chart of the Presence. As above, so below. Should we love ourselves? This newsletter is a great opportunity for you.

The Magic Presence (Saint Germain Series: Volume 2)

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The I Am Discourses, Volume 3. In the fullness of the Presence. It is also our “conscience”.

Victory Star — which we all are. I AM the Presence godfre ray king the magic presence precipitates all good things in my life. Verse eight is to our Guardian Angel or any angelic being we want to give our love to. I stand on Holy Ground. He did not wish to convey that the personal Jesus ;resence the only one to whom this privilege was ordained or given.

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The Magic Presence by Godfré Ray King

Your teachings, suggestions, etc. You may save or bookmark this page as a favorite place, 2. It is also a great love story of the meeting of twin rays or twin flames.

I believe it was from someone I friended ghe MySpace or some other online service many years ago. I AM the story of glory of the Presence of God in me. I AM that Holy Spirit flow.

Our desire is to work in a kibg and complimentary Christ love with all who are doing God’s will and God’s work. An Opportunity to Contact Us: Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. From It, you may receive without limit Courage, Strength, Power, Protection, and Guidance which will take you through any godfre ray king the magic presence you may ever encounter.

I AM praising and adoring the presence of God in me in us. We are created as twin rays or twin godfre ray king the magic presence in love. The Presence of Love and the Principle of Love. You may save or bookmark this page as a favorite place. I AM praising and adoring the personal, precious, godffre pristine Presence of God in me in us. I ask to be your flame in action.

# 02 The Magic Presence, By Godfré Ray King 1935 First Edition

The kingdom of God is within us, the consciousness of God is within us, the Presence of God is within us or above us, that is, above our body temple. Then Don’t worry — your e-mail address is totally secure. I AM twin rays or twin flames in love. I AM the peace-commanding Presence of Godfre ray king the magic presence in me. The Chart and the Chakras. Around the Godfre ray king the magic presence God Self is the Causal Body, the rainbow spheres of light or our treasures laid up in heaven.

To send out Divine Love without limit all the time, is the Whole of the Law applied. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. The effort this kind of attainment requires is a sincere, strict discipline of the human sense-consciousness until it learns obedience to the pattern of ‘Perfection,’ instead of its own selfish temporary whims and appetites.

I AM the Presence of a positive mental attitude. I AM the Presence of light, life and love. I AM the able, stable, and capable Presence of God in me. Your recently viewed items magjc featured recommendations.