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Examples are aerial targets, vehicles, mounted troops, or infantry in relatively close formations moving rapidly toward or away from the gun position. The platoon leader through his weapons squad leader employs his MB machine guns with a rifle squad fm 3-22.65 provide long range, accurate, sustained fires against dismounted fm 3-22.65, apertures in fortifications, buildings, and lightly-armored vehicles.

The position should be accessible and afford cover and concealment. Available MK 19 machine gun ammunition is classified as dm Table A For combined armor-piercing and incendiary effect, with the additional tracer feature. When aiming his weapon at a target, a Soldier looking through the sights should be able to see the target. Term fitting of the fm 3-22.65 uniforms and footwear.

These targets often have 3-222.65 width and depth, and the application of machine fm 3-22.65 fire is designed to completely cover the area in which the enemy is known or suspected to be. The platoon sergeant fm 3-22.65 weapons squad leader may position this element fm 3-22.65 control its fires when the platoon scheme of maneuver is to conduct the assault with the Infantry squads.

In the offense the platoon fm 3-22.65 has the option to establish his base of fire element with one or two machine guns, the M light machine gun, 3-2.265 a combination of the weapons.

Term salutes, honors, visits, of courtesy. The leader may want to place the fire of one machine gun on an enemy machine gun and quickly tells the gunner to fire on that gun. The size of fm 3-22.65 target, stated in terms of the number of aiming points required to engage it completely, determines its type.

The trade off is these weapon systems are relatively heavy, and take more time to move. Fm 3-22.65 leads by example in all areas. It can penetrate 2 inches of steel armor at zero-degree obliquity and inflict casualties out to 15 meters from impact. Fm 3-22.65 and shut down the weapon squad gun teams one at a time, not all at once. The machine guns are then moved with the unit and readied to employ on order from the leader and in the direction needing the supporting fire.

Maximum ordinate fm 3-22.65 the highest point above the line of sight the trajectory reaches between the muzzle of the weapon and the base of the target.

The MB machine gun, when placed on a tripod, fm 3-22.65 stability and accuracy at greater ranges than the bipod, but it takes more fm 3-22.65 to maneuver the machine gun should the need arise.

Manuals | Once a Green Beret

Fires with respect to the weapon include fixed, traversing, searching, traversing and searching, swinging traverse, and free gun fires Figure A This preparation maximizes the effectiveness of the machine gun during good as well as limited fm 3-22.65. The primary requirement of a suitable machine gun fm 3-22.65 in the defense is its effectiveness in accomplishing specific missions.

Use the form below to search the site: When the feet of the friendly troops reach this point, fire must be lifted or shifted. Rate controls fm 3-22.65 volume of fire sustained, rapid, and cyclic. Term drill and ceremony. The M fires from the bipod, the hip, or from the underarm position. Leaders position machine guns to—.

This is done to avoid confusion. Table A-1 lists machine gun specifications and technical data. It arms 18 to 36 meters from the muzzle.

This technique is effective fm 3-22.65 all conditions of visibility and requires little additional material. When he points with his finger, a Soldier standing behind him should be able to look over his shoulder and fm 3-22.65 along his arm and index finger to locate the target.

On signal, the machine gunners fm 3-22.65 the base-of-fire element displace to join the assault element on the objective.

The gunners remain on the alert. The rates of fire for each machine gun are shown in Table A Swinging traverse fire is employed against targets that fm 3-22.65 major fm 3-22.65 in direction but little or no change in elevation.