“The Great War,” as Modris Eksteins writes, “was the psychological turning point. .. for RITES OF SPRING is a remarkable and rare work, a cultural history that. “Ingenious and maddening”: thus many critics label Modris Eksteins’s *Review essay of Modris Eksteins, Rites of Spring: The Great War at the Birth of the. Rites of Spring The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age By Modris Eksteins Illustrated. pages. A Peter Davison Book/Houghton.

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So strange an epoch Soldiers started to feel that those at home did not understand them anymore [23], and some of them started to exhibit unusual paradoxical behavior: Under a Cruel Star: Questions were asked, and most-times never really answered, leaving a chasm between the ideal and the attainable.

Sep 14, Ai Miller eksteis it really liked it Shelves: The British, in response, felt that they had a duty to protect the old world order: There is no sprlng.

The pleasures of cruelty, the pleasures of the blade. Return to Book Page.

But so are socialist ideas, a revived religion and the sense that other societies are just as advanced as the Western Civilization. So crazy, that if you take what Eksteins calls the First Act and then you compare it with the Third one, you arrive to the conclusion that the Great War didn’t have any sense from the start and that after all those millions of deaths and wounded you arrive to the Third Act without knowing who really won the conflict.

It’s difficult to argue that abstract concepts do indeed determine history but much easier to argue the opposite.

Rites of Spring: The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age

Wars affected people and people collectively are society, ‘it’ being shaped and driven by what people are, what they o, what they believe, dream and aspire to. At the same time, their position as the scientific and economic leading nation in the world was not commensurate with their position in a world hierarchy dominated by the Anglo-American establishment.

The Rites of Spring. His coverage of the hysteria that greeted Charles Lindbergh’s successful solo crossing of the Atlantic and the reasons for it is equally adept, and his juxtapositions of cultural details are thought-provoking, as when he points out that Poiret gowns, the Boy Scout movement, the Olympics, and Isadora Duncan were all expressions of German Leibeskultur.

And yet that is precisely what happened [39].

The British and French soldiers listening from their trenches across the wasteland of No Sping Land hearing music, a song sacred to both sides, coming from the men they were trying to kill hours earlier and eventually beginning to sing along.

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Rarely do I recommend historical monographs to non-history srping, but I think anyone interested in modernity and its origins should read Rites of Spring. Perhaps this is the reason why Eksteins suggests that art is the only method for explaining the war. It’s neither Bach nor Mozart. It makes the reader question the preconceived ideas which we all have about our age.

Eksteins also uses his description of the atmosphere surrounding the ballet as a preamble to ekstiens assertion that Germany was the most modern nation of the day. The first question one has to ask is whether culture is the reflection or the cause of historical change. Aug 01, Eric rated it liked it Shelves: He then points to Germany rtes the Great War as the nation in which these ideals were the most pronounced as the modernist nation par excellence, which served as a model for our world.

But for now, I did not find the book interesting in the way that Fussell’s was, and if there is a”thesis” to the book, it was difficult to find.

There is also a eksteibs superfluous section on Lindbergh’s solo flight whose purpose is unclear. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Gee, it had to be really hard to them. Total war was now not only permissible, but a requirement rksteins liberation and, hence, for life [20].

RITES OF SPRING: The Great War and the Birth of th by Modris Eksteins | Kirkus Reviews

I would recommend listening to at least the beginning of Stravinsky’s score for the Rite of Spring ballet before reading its on YouTube. It’s also a really interesting read, coming from someone who isn’t super interested in World War I.

Really liked this; Eskteins does a great job of weaving his argument throughout, and his narrative voice and his argumentative voice flow really smoothly together. What about the roles of the strict mobilization schedules and the complicated system of alliances in precipitating the crisis? The belief in enlightened progress which had dominated the years preceding the outbreak of World War I was replaced by a desire amongst artists and the common people for a single giant conflagration that would either destroy the world or create a better new one.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Add to this disillusionment with previous ways of understanding and a rapidly changing world and the roots of Post-modernism seem obvious. Think of Lindbergh crossing the Atlantic, or Armstrong walking on the Moon.

Rites of Spring: The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age – Modris Eksteins – Google Books

Behavior that would have been considered scandalous in peacetime was actually condoned by the authorities for the sake of morale, even though morals and morale had hitherto been considered inseparable [26].

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Did it win any awards? Lindbergh represented a new kind of hero because he flew for himself first and foremost[27].