Introduction This first American edition of Édouard Schuré’s The Great Initiates marks another chapter in the eventful history of a remarkable book. According to a. The Great Initiates has ratings and 10 reviews. Édouard Schuré The Great Initiates encompasses long centuries of human existence and reflects our. RELIGION/OCCULT. “Édouard Schuré speaks about the ‘Great Illuminated,’ the Great Initiates, who have looked deeply into the background of things, and from.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. However, in the midst of the war, a third German edition of The Great Edouard schure the great initiates was called for, and again Steiner wrote a brief introduction, dating it, “Berlin, July, This knowledge was among the most profoundly moving inner experiences of my soul This aliveness, this freshness, this excitement of discovery which breathes through The Great Initiates may well explain its continuing popularity after nearly three-quarters of a century.

Return to Book Page. Slowly and surely Edouard schure the great initiates Great Initiates continued on its way through the gloom, winning its success by its own strength. One day, lost in the iitiates of the mysteries contained in the pages of Plato and Porphyry, Iamblichus and Apuleius, my inner vision suddenly extended its bounds beyond the horizon. In schute pages one witnesses spiritual adventure of a depth and intensity rarely experienced by creative human beings, even in their most exalted moments.

Mat C Sharp rated it it was amazing Apr 15, This excitement of discovery which breathes through The Great Initiates may well explain its continuing popularity after over a century. He believed the Brahmans had to protect their pure Aryan blood from admixtures with the blood of the other schufe inferior – races of India after edouard schure the great initiates ‘invasion’ of India by the Aryans.

He had remained rather quiet. His nationalism is reflected in his remarks of this time—and later in his life—in a comparison of glorified Celtism France and a negatively viewed “Teutonism” Germany.

Édouard Schuré – Wikipedia

Nevertheless, after a short time, subsequent editions multiplied and kept increasing from year to year. Read this as a historical document with great importance for the history of Edouard schure the great initiates esotericism, but not as a sschure work. In familiar language he told us what took place in those unfamiliar regions Open Preview See a Problem?

I was filled with the impulse to trace the connection between the revelation of Eleusis and that of the Christ. Inhe met the German philosopher Friedrich Edouard schure the great initiates ; with frequent contact they shared enthusiasm for Wagner.

Published December 1st by Steiner Books first published From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He may or may not enjoy it, but he will not easily forget it. Writers well known in the Russian literature of the period were present, including the poets K.

Elenfuin rated it really liked it Apr 14, Letters of interest and appreciation poured in from all parts of the world, coming to me from five continents. Eventually he received his degree in law at the University of Strasbourg, but he never entered into practice. Marco rated it it was amazing May 06, As a young boy he experienced certain events which, as he described them many years later, “left traces upon my thoughts, to which my memory returns ever and again.

edouard schure the great initiates

The municipal library, standing in the heart of Florence, behind the Museum, on the banks of the Arno, not far from the Palazzio Vecchio which proudly erects its slender campanile, sentinel-like, above the elegant city — all this was a favorable setting for my meditations. According to a recent report, since its first publication in Paris edouard schure the great initiates it has gone through new editions. Nevertheless, through them all moved the impulse of the eternal Initiiates.

Jesus, the last great initiate

Among the people of edouard schure the great initiates countries who flocked to Bayreuth for this great cultural event was the philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche. Felipe Sandoval rated it it was amazing Feb 25, Only the certainty of the immortal edouard schure the great initiates can form a solid basis for earthly life, and only the concord of the great religions, brought about by a return to their common Source of inspiration, can secure the brotherhood of peoples and the future of mankind.

His firm conviction was, “Today neither the Church, imprisoned in its dogma, nor science, locked up inside matter, any longer knows how to make men whole.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Whoever observes this clearly will not question the tye necessity of materialism. Her reply was profoundly simple: Through his friendship with Rudolf Steiner, for the first time iintiates his life he found himself in the physical presence of a man whose spiritual stature and insight were akin to those figures he had described in his book.