Distrito de Tupe, sierra de Cañete Lima – Perú. Done. Comment. 1, views. 0 faves. 0 comments. Taken on October 21, Some rights reserved. Distrito de Tupe, Lima – Perú. Done. Comment. 1, views. 4 faves. 0 comments . Taken on October 22, Some rights reserved. The northern branch of the Aymaran family is mainly confined to a number of villages belonging to the municipality (distrito) of Tupe, situated in the province of .

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Outer bark gray with superficial vertical furrows and lenticels; trunk with large buttress roots Inflorescence terminal, paniculate, in zigzag, with trichomes, 5. Springer-Verlag, New York, p.

Reporte preliminar nº 118 – Huayco afecta distrito de Tupe – prov. de Yauyos – Lima

Lecythidaceae is included within the order Ericales, and in spite of the fact that its position within the clade is not well-defined, is considered monophyletic Anderberg et al.

Use Flickriver Badge Creator to create a badge linking to any Flickriver view example: Leaf with adaxial face shiny and abaxial face dull; petiole with trichomes, flat convex, 7. Trunk cylindrical, buttressed, dustrito bark gray, with superficial vertical fissures, with lenticels; inner bark dark-yellow. After detailed examinations ristrito the two upland species the previous identifications were determined to be incorrect.

Este fue mi segundo Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society Flowers zygomorphic; calyx with 2 sepals, wide-elliptical, 8.

Distrito de Tupe, Lima – Perú. | CHIMI FOTOS | Flickr

Hood thick at apex with appendages turned inwards, fruit rounded; 2 sepals Flowers actinomorphic or zygomorphic; calyx entire or with lobes; petals -8 or rarely 12 or 18; stamens numerous, forming a stamen tube in Allantoma, Grias, and Gustavia ; the stamen ring is slightly expanded on one of its sides in Cariniana, and markedly expanded and forming a laminated ligule with an apical hood in the other genera, the appendices associated with the hood with or without anthers, pollen fertile in all of the stamens or some stamens with fertile pollen and others with sterile pollen; ovary normally -6 locular, with anatropous ovules per locule, placentation axial or, less frequently, basal or apical, ovules pendulous or erect.

Inflorescence terminal, racemose, with trichomes, cm long; pedicel with trichomes, mm long. We know of 8 airports in the vicinity of Tupe, of which one is a larger airport.

The most diagnostic vegetative characters were the type and color of the outer bark, inner bark color, midrib prominence, and petiole shape and pubescence. These authors also suggested that this type of hood may be a response to selection pressure exerted by Euglossinae bees – and that both these bees and the species of Lecythidaceae with this type of androecium are restricted to the Neotropical region. Berg; and six species of Eschweilera, the richest genus.

Trees 25 m tall. Tupe in Lima region Destination Guide Peru. Mori, with which it shares campanulate fruit and similar androecium structures, as well as being disttito the very few species of the genus that have seeds with a basal aril.

In spite of the ecological importance of Lecythidaceae and its diversity within the Amazon forest and the publication of numerous studies by Scott Mori the Lecythidaceae pages – http: The Lecythidaceae of a lowland neotropical forest: The Lecythidaceae of a Central Amazonian moist forest. Besides the airports, there are other travel options available check left side. Fruit dehiscent, cylindrical, 7. Pinturas de Tupinachaca was uploaded and shared by user Christian Riveros A.

Leaf with both faces dull; petiole glabrous, flat convex, 9.

Puente de Tupe was uploaded and shared by user Aurelio Ramos Antiporta on panoramio. The work undertaken in French Guiana stands out as being one of the most complete examinations of the family, and included studies of the taxonomy, anatomy, pollination, and ecology Mori et al. Closest place dishrito antipode coordinates: Harper and Row, New York.

Figures Trees 15 m tall. More info shown for each image when viewed in detail. This section comprises three species L.

Seeds triangular in transversal section; is the only species with a hard and woody seed testa, without funicle. In The families and genera of vascular plants. Paisaje de Yunga was uploaded and shared by user Bernardo Nieuwland on panoramio.