Based on a hidden order which can be solved for any financial market, The DELTA Phenomenon, discovered by Welles Wilder® actually plots expected market. In the same year, Sloman sold the DELTA method to Welles Wilder, the Wilder decided to publish The Delta Phenomenon giving 75 percent of the profits to. My name is Welles Wilder. 1 wish that I could say that I discovered this phenomenon, but I’m not that smart. It all began with a phone call. It was the second week.

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BOOK REVIEW: The Delta Phenomenon

The ratio ddlta the average time period for the point to occur 4. Those who know me know that I am not given to making vain statements about things.

That is, the distance between points may vary greatly. For the markets that have fewer Delta turning points in the series, the monthlies may give a clearer picture. Stop and consider phfnomenon significance of that. Each Delta time frame for each stock or commodity has its own unique Delta solution. Without knowing the DELTA secret, this is just something you will have to live with, but I don’t see how that will be a great problem.

But notice, too, that the market almost always gets immediately back phenkmenon track at the next turning point. The package does include a protection device so that the program can only be run on the computer with the device installed. You will find some that are early and some that are late.

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Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. I had been right on six out of seven markets. The Long Term came from the interaction of the earth and the sun. Jim was quick to point out that it was the girl herself who restored her health, not him.

Each market has TWO variables. To be fair though, most useful technical analysis techniques are subject to interpretation, and many users of Delta say that the cycles do indeed need a lot of interpreting. Jim did not know me personally. Did one discovery lead you naturally into another?

ComiXology Thousands phenomdnon Digital Comics. It is not simply different, it is altogether different. As you will learn, the Delta order is perfect. I bought an airplane, learned how to fly it, and continually flew from one project to another.

Now I will pnenomenon one projector so that a particular day on each chart is exactly overlaid. The order used for punching the commodities into the portfolio will be the order of the print-out. Six commodities were a little more accurate and eight were a little less accurate. I designed this computer program and put my programmer to work on it. My partner, Jim Solman.

Full text of “The Delta Phenomenon”

The ITW begins with the last Delta turning point in the previous series and continues until the second turning point in the new series. He had written a novel which was as yet unpublished and he wanted to make a feature length film.

Suppose the holographic negative was the markets. There is no number 4!

The only Input is the date. Why is the position of Point 1 important? Corn, Wheat, and Oats. This completely new perspective is, in effect, what I have attempted to convey to you. The important thing is the timing. With this knowledge it is possible to forecast the tops and bottoms some time into the future.

The only thing I use with it is what 1 see on my charts—just the bars on the charts. Q Flij IPl 1 ‘ wellea. How about a way to rate the accuracy of each turning point?

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If this Delta works and can predict price on just one stock on just one timeframe as Wilder claims, any trader would make a fortune, yet Wilder claims that his “Delta” works perfectly on all stocks and all commodities on all time frames.

In a future chapter we will learn the procedure for solving any market and any time frame for Delta. Many will argue that market movement is simply not predictable at all. Master of the Market Dangerous Company: Technical analysis is the study of market movement as it relates to a two-dimensional chart defined by an X and Y phenomeonn.

Accuracy is a relative thing. It makes no difference whether the markets are stocks, commodities, phsnomenon any other freely traded markets. The question now was what to do. Have you seen those commodities dart boards where you throw a dart and it says buy cocoa or sell bellies or something?