DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING. OOAD LAB MANUAL. Sub. Code/Sub. Name: CSObject Oriented Analysis and Design. 4 Nov CSOOAD Lab Manual. LAB MANUAL. SUB/CODE: CS Object Oriented Analysis and Design Lab. SEM/YEAR: VI/III BRANCH: III. 13 Jan sp ot.c om S.K.P Institute of Technology Tiruvannamalai – DEPT: CSE w w w.e ee ex cl us iv e. bl og CS OBJECT ORIENTED.

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Information about each course help students make informed decisions. The functionality of a cs2357 ooad lab manual can be described in a number of different usecases, each of which represents a mahual flow of events in a system. The components used are pre-built, ready-tested and add value and differentiation by rapid customization to the targeted customers.

The system is developed to automate the stock maintenance. Credit card controlled checks these details.

CS Object Oriented Analysis and Design OOAD Lab Manual

These are boxes to which a model can be decomposed. Mnual document gives the cs2357 ooad lab manual description of the both functional and non functional requirements proposed by the client.

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Dim rs As Recordset. Train details, Seat and Fare Details. The Graphical User Interface shall conform to company standards outlined later. The employee details and department details are stored in a database.

There are different categories of employess namely ,anual time employees, part-time employees, technical staffs etc. The system generate report with the list of available items and price per item. It is similar to the concept of packages.

The purpose of this source is to describe the oooad reservation okad which provides the train timing details, reservation, billing and cancellation on various types of reservation namely. Cs2357 ooad lab manual the customer is purchase the product, then the system then reduce the item from the stock database and updates the stock.

Natchatran Blogs includes Technical Cs2357 ooad lab manual, E-books, Notes, Lab Manual, Question Banks, Viva questions and Interview questions for engineering students, provides all study material for cse students. Graphically it is represented as a cross between generalization and dependency relationship.

It is the combination of sequence and collaboration diagram.

Support higher-level development concepts. Some typical CASE tools are:. Posted by Prem Anandh Natchatran at This system is developed by rational rose enterprise edition. These diagrams are particularly useful in connection with workflow and in describing behavior that has a cs2357 ooad lab manual of parallel processing. Cs2357 ooad lab manual UML defines nine graphical diagrams:.

The book details and transaction details are stored in database. The deployment diagram shows the structure of the runtime system. A keyboard and mouse will be used, as numbers need to be entered into the system. Illegal add or delete transaction. The user interface must be customizable by the administrator. Credit Card System deals with the transaction between client and database.

Anna University OOAD Lab Manual Cs – Student Forum

We developed a secured database for the organization. Some cs2357 ooad lab manual the characteristics of case tools that make it better than customized development are. The basic pay for each employee is obtained from the department and processed by the payroll system.

It has three modules and they are. It means if the user is an administrator then he can be able to modify the data, delete, append etc.

msnual Contact Us – Management. Dim n As Integer. An activity is a state of doing something: The different types of readers are. This Software Requirements Specification provides cs2357 ooad lab manual complete description of all the functions and constraints of the Online Registration System, developed for the colleges.

Anna University Wt Lab Manual. The main objective of this document is cs2357 ooad lab manual illustrate the requirements of the project Library Management system. Depending upon the vacancy position,the user can proceed to book his tickets.

There are two different users who will be using this product: Conceptual model be UML: The list of the departments is: