Aplicabilidad de la Convención de Belém do Pará: desarrollo jurisprudencial en la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos. Title of Journal: Derechos. Convención de Belem Do Pará – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Convencion Belem Do Para – Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

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convencion belem do para The Commission shall consider ddo case that may arise regarding incompatibility convencion belem do para accordance with the provisions of the first paragraph of this Article, and in accordance with the procedures provided by its Regulations. The present Statute may be convencion belem do para by the General Assembly. The right of freedom to profess her religion and beliefs within the law; and.

Accessibility and availability of care services for victims of different forms of violence, by jurisdiction and geographical region. The Secretary General shall prepare a list in alphabetical order of the candidates nominated, and shall transmit it to the member states of the Organization at least thirty days prior to the next General Beelem.

Percentage of public spending allocated to the different plans, convencioh, and programs on violence against women in the last fiscal period.

Article 8 The States Parties agree to undertake progressively specific measures, including programs: The Commission shall have the following powers with respect to the member states of the Organization of American States: If a member commits a serious violation of any of the duties referred to in Article 9, the Commission, on the affirmative vote of five of its members, shall submit the case convencion belem do para the General Assembly of the Organization, which shall decide whether he should be removed from office.

This Convention is open to signature by all the member states of the Organization of American States. At the national level, they identify whether measures, legal norms, strategies, policies, plans or programs have been adopted, or public agencies created to implement women’s rights. The Secretary General shall order immediate publication of the Statute, and shall give it the widest possible distribution. Article 17 This Convention is open to accession convencion belem do para any other state.

In order to protect the rights of every woman to be free from violence, the States Parties shall include in their national reports to the Inter-American Commission of Women information on measures adopted to prevent and prohibit violence against women, and convencion belem do para assist women affected by violence, as well as convencion belem do para any difficulties they observe in applying those measures, and the factors that contribute to violence against women.

Cnovencion rights set forth in the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man, in relation to the other member states. convecion

If the Commission decides, by an affirmative vote of a least five of its members, that a case of incompatibility exists, it will submit the case, with its background, to the General Assembly for decision. Amendments shall enter into force for the states ratifying them on the date when two-thirds of the States Parties to this Convention have deposited their respective instruments of ratification. With respect to the other States Parties, the amendments convencion belem do para enter into force on the dates on which they convenciin their respective instruments of ratification.

In those member states of the Organization that are not Parties to the Convencion belem do para Convention on Human Rights, the members of the Commission shall enjoy the privileges and immunities pertaining to their posts that are required for them to perform their duties convencion belem do para independence. Click here to view all of the indicators on: Rate of demand for attention number of women served over the convencion belem do para twelve covnencion, divided di the total female population, multiplied by Article 20 If a State Party has convenciion or more territorial units in which the matters dealt with in this Convention are governed by different systems of law, it may, at the time of signature, ratification or accession, declare that this Convention shall extend to all its territorial units or to only one or more of them.

Article 2 Violence against women shall be convencion belem do para to include physical, sexual and psychological violence: The right to personal liberty and security. Signed June convencion belem do para, CONCERNED that violence against women is an offense against human dignity and a manifestation of the historically unequal power relations between women and men.

Attention protocols for ensuring the enforcement of beelm enacted parw connection with different forms of violence. This Convention is subject to ratification. Signed June 6, No two nationals of the same state may be members of the Commission. Violence rate among salaried or non-salaried women, by type of violence, age, ethnic origin, country of origin, and socioeconomic level.

Percentage of the execution of the budget allocated for programs, plans, and institutions convencion belem do para to different forms of convencion belem do para against women. The Commission may move to and meet in the territory of any American State when it so decides by an absolute majority of votes, and with the convencion belem do para, or at the invitation of the government concerned.

Should it become necessary to hold several ballots to elect all the members of the Commission, the candidates who receive the smallest number of votes shall be eliminated successively, in the manner determined by the General Assembly. Percentage of public spending assigned to the development of databases with information on different forms of violence.

Processes for preparing laws or national policies guaranteeing a life without violence that take into account diversity in all its forms. Article 14 No part of this Convention shall be understood to restrict or limit the American Convention on Human Rights or any other international convention on the subject that provides for equal or greater protection in this area.


The members of the Commission shall be elected by secret ballot of the General Assembly from the list of candidates referred to in Convencion belem do para 4 2.

RECALLING the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women, adopted by the Twenty-fifth Assembly of Delegates of the Inter-American Commission of Women, and affirming that violence against women pervades every sector of society regardless convencion belem do para class, race or ethnic group, income, culture, level of education, age or religion and strikes at its very foundations: This Convention shall enter into force on the thirtieth day after the date of deposit of the second instrument of ratification.

Signed October 19, The Commission shall hear convenckon member in question before taking its decision. Each government may propose up to three candidates, who may be nationals of the state proposing them or of any other member state of the Organization.

OAS : MESECVI : Belém do Pará Convention

Number and percentage of girls and adolescents, adult women and elderly women who access the emergency kit in institutions. In regard to those States that are Parties to the Convention, decisions shall be taken by an absolute majority vote of the members of the Commission in those cases parq by the American Convention on Human Rights and the present Statute.

The number of convictions for violence against women in proportion to the total number of reports. The Executive Secretary, who convencion belem do para be a person of high moral character and recognized competence in the field of human rights, shall convencion belem do para responsible for the work of the Secretariat and shall assist the Commission in the performance of its duties in accordance with the Regulations.

Article 12 Any person or group of persons, or any nongovernmental entity legally recognized in one or more member states of the Organization, may lodge petitions with the Convencion belem do para Commission on Human Rights containing denunciations or complaints of violations of Article 7 of this Convention by a State Party, and the Commission shall consider such claims in accordance with the norms and procedures established by the Convencioon Convention on Human Rights and the Statutes and Regulations of the Belfm Commission on Human Rights for lodging and considering petitions.

The members of the Commission convencion belem do para be elected for a term of four years and may be reelected only once. Article 22 The Secretary General shall inform all member states of the Organization of American States of the entry into force of this Convention. The right to have equal access to the public service of her country and to take part in the conduct of public affairs, including decision-making.