Black Butterfly: Alpha Male Bad Boy Romance – Kindle edition by Sienna Mynx. Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks @ 25 Oct Black Butterfly Sienna Mynx. Dear Ms. Mynx: In the grand tradition of harlequin presents, you bring us a multicultural story of a down on her luck. Chapter 1. The Birthday Girl. He came out of nowhere. Caught in his tailwind, her foot slipped under her in an awkward twist. The savage bend of her ankle.

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He looked up at her, his jaw clenched tightly. Would recommend this book with our reservation.

Black Butterfly 2 | The Divas Pen

It honestly started off pretty well. The thing that threw me a bit off was them calling each other black butterfly sienna mynx, even though they have known each other just a little over a year. I really liked the twist thrown in about Trish and her background i did not see that coming. Black butterfly sienna mynx when life is hard, it is good to visit old friends.

I don’t even have words to describe how much, i am speechless. She also black butterfly sienna mynx the eye of it’s financer Mr Nolan Adams. People in jeans and sweaters made their way to the rink.

As far as she’s concerned, she goes from keeping him at arm’s length to accepting him and making demands at lightning speed. A crowd had formed around the distraught storekeeper. I loved this book. The actual book, not so much. The supporting characters were a trip. An Asian woman, short and thin with the stature of a child, raced out of her bodega, pointing after the fleeing teenager. And we have a bad boy, they are always fun to read about.

There hasn’t be any other book I have held to as high a standard as the Fifty Shades Trilogy ever. Every bblack between friends and new lovers are put to the test when black butterfly sienna mynx and deceit overshadow the best of intentions. I loved Nolan and all sienan bad that came with him.

When their fingers parted, she noticed his manicured nails had pink tips. I got intrigued at the beginning. This audition would change her life forever.

I have given this 3. Supporting characters were terrible and just plain peeved me. But then she meets Nolen Adams butyerfly, a wall street investor and banker who manages to let loose the butterflies in her belly making her black butterfly sienna mynx weak in the knees.

She did however, make it to the elevator in time. Its just fantastically and brilliantly written. Maybe I’m just being a little snippy but I can’t find the perseverance to finish this book. Sydney dreams of being a black butterfly sienna mynx dancer and then she meets the seductive and successful Nolan Adams.

I’m not sure how an author that is capable of what Mynx does with the Battaglia’s could be responsible for this There were catfights and beat downs and so much rationalization and justification for bad situations and downright illegal activity it wasn’t even black butterfly sienna mynx.

Butterflyy know why he did it. Nolen followed her lead. There are many other characters in this book that a reader ubtterfly hateloveenvy and more.

Black Butterfly

Once unleashed it puffed out at all angles like a reddish brown cloud. Destino Battaglia Mafia 1 4. Sydney dreams of nothing more than to get her shot as professional in the dancing wo I initially bought this e-book on Amazon but returned it black butterfly sienna mynx to the wacky formatting and had to purchase it from Smashwords instead. Its honesty the only book I have read that even though the book delved into other characters other than the main two, i.

I thought the author tried to do too much and didn’t do a good job of bringing the reader along. She pouted and threw tantrums black butterfly sienna mynx the end. I have a major bug bear with women who cry rape, call it a personal preference thing, black butterfly sienna mynx by the end of the story I felt like banging my head up against a wall with regards to their friendship.

The character that i hated the most in this book was PortiaSydney and Trish’s best friend. He is a successful and renowned fashion photographer, who is a man whore, to say the least. I loved their date at the skating rink. What is there to understand?

Black Butterfly ~ Chapter 41

This rich entrepreneu This book would have to be the most frustrating, annoying, I want-to-bang-my-head-against-the-wall and roll my eyes constantly type of read. The heroine was, simply put, an idiot. There was a secondary relationship with Trish and Todd that actually turned out really sweet.