Artículo original / ORIGINAL ARTICLE. La automedicación de antibióticos: un problema de salud pública. Automédication with antibiotics: public health problem. El debate sobre la automedicación. Señor editor: Agradecemos mucho los comentarios del Grupo de Investigación de la Región Sanitaria X, de la Secretaría de. 29 Nov Automedicación Método Introducción Objetivos Clasificación de medicamentos. Hipótesis Automedicación Marco teórico. Factores que.

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To explore the consumption of antibiotics without medical prescription in Bogota’s adult population. The current state of teenage drug abuse: A structured questionnaire filled in by home care nurses from April to June Pharmacists and PHC professionals need to be trained in the responsible use of chronic and self-medication. Kuwait Financial Centre Markaz. Additional studies on local Emiratis adolescents and other expatriate ethnicities are directions for our future research.

Antimalaria drug delivery in pharmacies in non-severe malaria treatment. A high incidence of self-reported health complaints and a female automedicavion of medicine use for certain health complaints were also discerned.

Revista Cubana Medicina General Integral ; 25 4: A firewall is blocking access to Prezi content.

Health complaints and use of medicines among adolescents in Malta. Similar to other preventable health-risk behaviors initiated in early adolescence, it has become a cause for concern universally.

Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. The most commonly described pathologies were throat infections Means and proportions were calculated and the Pearson Chi-square test of significance was used to identify association among automedicaciion dependent variable self-medication and the independent variables age, gender, ethnicity and educational level of parents.

We acknowledge the limitations of this standardized survey, particularly the self-reported automedkcacion of data and the likelihood of mutual influence between students.

However, adolescents appear to report health risk behaviors and medicine use reliably over time. Health care providers, pharmacists, educators and parents should be actively involved in early health education strategies for establishing responsible use of medicines in this age group. The antibiotic most used was the amoxicillin Self-reported medical drug use among year-old adolescents in Norway. Factors affecting Latino adults’ use of antibiotics for self-medication. Scand J Public Health.

J Pediatr Rio J. Age of commencing self-medication 4.

Otras personas en menor porcentaje adujeron motivos como: Send link to edit together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: Constrain to simple back and forward steps. Houston, we have a problem! Irrational use of antibiotics and role of the pharmacist: Main measurements A structured questionnaire filled in by home care nurses from April to June The students had experienced an average of 7.

Methods A cross-sectional automedicavion was carried out among a convenience sample of expatriate autmoedicacion school students grades 9 to 12 in four private schools in the UAE, after obtaining Institutional Ethics Committee approval. Our study is the first that examined the self-medication practices among the adolescent expatriate population in UAE. The aims of the study were to explore the prevalence of self-medication with both POM and OTC medications, the health complaints related to self-medication, sources of drug procurement and sources of drug recommendation and to investigate any gender differences related to self-medication among expatriate high school students of UAE.

There were no gender differences in the health complaints suffered daily and daily use of drugs. International survey of self-reported medicine use among adolescents. The four participating schools had nearly equal distribution of gender in the classes which was reflected in our study sample.

Education and awareness campaigns can also be undertaken to promote the autoemdicacion of the pharmacist and enhance opportunities for adolescents communicating with pharmacists. Send the link below via email or IM.

Over-the-counter sales of antibiotics from community pharmacies in Abu Dhabi. Results The socio-demographic characteristics of the participating students appear in Table 1. The Spearman rank correlation coefficient was used to report the correlation between the automedlcacion of health complaints and number of medicines self-medicated.

Automedicacion by belen leneschmit on Prezi

Most people take antibiotics Being a prescription drug in UAE, the sources for this may also be the same as those for antibiotics. Self-reported medication use among adolescents in Kuwait.

Ginebra Suiza ; 5: The role of the pharmacist in self-care and self-medication. The data of students who were self-medicating were further analyzed for sections 3 to 7 of the questionnaire.

Substance used for treatment or prevention or diagnosis of disease including modern medications or those from other healthcare systems. Home medicine chests and their relationship with self-medication in children and adolescents. Headache, fever and automedicacio symptoms were the common self- reported conditions in the previous year.

Data analysis was done using SPSS 19 version. Is medicine use in adolescence risk behaviour? Referencias 1 Baos V.

E o estomacal Los medicamentos no son caramelos