21 Mar Eight Days: Thabo Mbeki in the eyes of his loyal disciple Mbeki, contained in his book Eight Days in September, the removal of Thabo Mbeki. “Seven days in September” refers to the seven-day period in September when Thabo Mbeki was removed from office as the President of South Africa. 1 May In September 20, , South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress, took the unprecedented step of dismissing Thabo Mbeki, the.

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There were reminders of Mbeki wherever she went on Monday.

Eight Days in September: The Removal of Thabo Mbeki – Frank Chikane – Google Books

After all, in the years of the Frontline States, the Liberation Committee for Southern Africa, and the support the region gave to the liberation movements in the southern African region, the ANC could not take any major dasy without taking them into its confidence.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. I remain a member of the ANC and therefore respect its decisions.

Not on the basis of such an obviously faulty judgement of Judge Chris Nicholson discussed in detail in Chapter mbe,i. Uppermost in our minds was the commitment to maintain stability in the country, whatever the outcome of the NEC meeting. Enter your username or email address and we’ll send you reset dahs Username or Email: On the international front, the minister of foreign affairs, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, was already in New York to participate in UN annual meetings, including preparations for the president, who was due to follow.

As secretary of the cabinet and head director-general of the presidency at the time, Frank Chikane was directly responsible for 8 days in september the removal of thabo mbeki the transition from Mbeki to Kgalema Motlanthe, and then on to Jacob Zuma, and was one of septemger a few who had a front-row seat to the unfolding drama.

Reasons that I got are not 8 days in september the removal of thabo mbeki a splinter of substance. She mapped out the challenges, uncertainties and dangers of the legal route to dealing with the crisis. This was extraordinary and could not be done setpember our democracy or any normal democracy.

My involvement in the liberation struggle was about the struggle for justice and not about a particular political party. The cabinet secretariat was commanded to tyabo the meeting up for 4 p. These online bookshops told us they have this item: Some feel that, in doing so, he let them down.

We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop we are able to search. Advocate Gumbi, with whom I had been in contact en route to Pretoria, followed hot on my heels. The timing for the announcement was precipitated by the demand expressed later from Esselen Park, where the NEC of the ANC was meeting, that Mbeki deliver his letter of resignation before 7. Some thabk them could not hold back their tears as they bade me farewell.

What was incredible, though, was the fact that a tbe had just been forced to resign but the participants were able to continue with their workshop without any hindrance. The section of the Constitution we relied on was the one dealing with an acting president in the case of a vacancy s 90[1]which leaves cabinet in place.

The mood was sombre, with some cabinet members fighting back tears. On the Monday morning I had an appointment I ghe not change. In their prayers the congregation committed all the leaders involved to the Lord to help them to avoid disaster for the people.

Nothing should be done to affect negatively this legacy, which no one could take away from Mbeki.

Eight days in September: The removal of Thabo Mbeki, Frank Chikane: book review

One need only look at the and settlement agreements in Zimbabwe and South Africa respectively. View online Borrow Buy Freely available 8 days in september the removal of thabo mbeki 0 more links The public statement of the president tthe his presidency to an unexpected and dramatic end.

Not unexpectedly, the controversy escalated, with some within the ANC accusing Mbeki of encouraging resignations en masse in solidarity with him, an accusation denied by Mbeki and all those involved or affected.

Other text messages kept coming from NEC members in Esselen Park celebrating that they had won and that Mbeki was to be removed or else expressing concern over the consequences of the NEC decision. The party made a decision to recall the president and the president responded as a disciplined cadre of the ANC who would not defy his party.

We instructed removval staff accordingly and made arrangements with the ANC 8 days in september the removal of thabo mbeki send their delegation at about 9. Fortunately, again, the congregation had handled emergencies like this before and simply engaged their emergency gear.

Nor could she set deadlines for the president.

Advocate Gumbi and I would be at Mahlamba Ndlopfu early in the morning to inform him about the impending visit. This is where the lines became blurred. The challenges tue the use of the concept of a recall have already been dealt with but are worth reiterating.

After making this journey into the past, the congregation returned to the present and their prayers of intercession expressed that the nation was not ready for femoval pain. Some resigned as a matter of principle as they felt that the removal of the president was both unjust and unacceptable and they wished to express their solidarity with him.

The next problem was the swearing in of the new president, which was the responsibility of the executive and the judiciary and had to be arranged through consultation between these two arms of the state. Some leaders felt the ANC should have taken them into its confidence and alerted them about the decision. History will have it that Mbeki was denied the opportunity to say farewell to parliament based on matters 8 days in september the removal of thabo mbeki had nothing to do with parliament, governance or national interest.

Eight days in September: The removal of Thabo Mbeki, Frank Chikane: book review

Others resigned because they believed they were serving at the pleasure of the president and could not remain in office if the president who appointed them was removed. A few changed their minds but the 8 days in september the removal of thabo mbeki, who had already submitted their resignations, remained adamant. The president had agreed to resign and there was no need to set an unreasonable deadline for the letter of resignation or indeed set a deadline 8 days in september the removal of thabo mbeki all.

Thus we found ourselves in a situation where we had a president whose task was all but impossible because he had been informed that he could not continue with some of his presidential responsibilities — a violation of our Constitution. Then set up a personal list of libraries from your profile page by clicking on your user name at the top right of any screen.

The one thing many commentators and analysts missed was the dangerous blurring of lines between party and state. His address to the nation about his resignation, which he delivered on Sunday evening, could have been presented in parliament at a time of his choosing and this could have given him the opportunity to bid farewell in a more appropriate manner. This to me was a negation of the image of God in us. He believed such behaviour disqualified those responsible from remaining cadres of the ANC.