74LS04 IC has six NOT gates which perform Inverting function, hence the name HEX INVERTING GATES. Note The ”Absolute Maximum Ratings” are those values beyond which the safety of the device cannot be guaran- teed The device should not be operated at. 74LS04 datasheet, 74LS04 pdf, 74LS04 data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Fairchild Semiconductor, Hex Inverting Gates.

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Under ON sate the total supply voltage appears across the resistor and voltage across transistor will be zero. As the current drawn by the 74LS04 changes so will the voltage drop in the resistor 74ls04 datasheet and the voltage on 74lw04 will change. I am an electronis engg. I have 3 tanks on my 74ls04 datasheet. Thanks eric and Matc for your replies. I was using IC because this way 1.

74ls04 datasheet much current 74ls04 datasheet pins conduct? Moderator, Will it be possible to make 74ls04 datasheet sticky on the basics 74lz04 reading a datasheet and interpreting the information correctly. Voltage appears at base of transistor and current flows through it. Oct 21, Messages: Electro Tech is an online community with over datawheet, members who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. When I measue it without an ICi get a correct reading!!!!!

Elctrical fundamentals tells me that Volate and current depends on load. The advantages of all these techniques are that they will operate 74ls04 datasheet a large range of input voltages and are very robust.

Although the data sheets are available I am not able 74ls04 datasheet interpret the information fully. Reversing this polarity will destroy or at least compromise the specifications of the IC.

Any voltage reg sheet will do far better than this – 74ls04 datasheet include a voltage reference and amplifier rather than a divider. Share This Page Tweet. Choose the appropriate package depending on requirement.

Ex Yorks’ Hants UK. The description for each pin is given below. Yes, my password is: So how 74ls04 datasheet datasheet specifies current and volatage without knowing the load!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But for now, those values will be fine. The problems you saw were because voltage dividers make a very poor 74ls04 datasheet supply. I just saw someone else using it so I also used it!!!!!!

When you want TTL outputs.

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After that you’ll see the inputs float high and the outputs get driven low, and 774ls04 problems datashset the datasheet will disappear. How should I check if the Voltage supply is correct or not?

Welcome to our site! Please 74ls04 datasheet me know how to make it work. Mar 16, Messages: I am planning to put 1 float switch in each of the tank and 1 float switch 74ls04 datasheet the water input supply.

Can someone explain how shall Igo ahead with this? Will highly appreciate all of you if you guys can 74ls04 datasheet me make this circuit.

The LED is connected to know the output status. No, 74ls04 datasheet an account now. Wire your tank switches in parallel, but use the “normally closed” part of the microswitch.

74LS04 Pinout, Features, Equivalent, Examples & Datasheet

Skip to main content. I am sorryI should have mentioned 74ls04 datasheet complete scenario. Dtasheet chip is basically used where a logic inverter is needed.

Are you really an electrical engineer? Click here to register now. I don’t recall how critical the supply voltage for 74LS is, but the spec’s say 4. I do google to get this circuit but never understands it so I 74ls04 datasheet of going with my own logic. I suspect you’re not finding pin 1 correctly, or 74ls0 voltmeter is seriously flawed.

This is the way we learn. DaveFeb 30, We can use one or all six of these gates depending on requirement. 74ls04 datasheet will have to 74ls04 datasheet simulate it I am a consultant on AS and a Retail domain expert.

Reversal will also probably draw a lot more current which the battery cannot handle and the voltage will drop. Consider not using any logic at all if things for your tanks are as simple as you outline. Wire that in series with your incoming water sensor normally open.

Tanks – 0 means Tank is empty Input Incoming water is 1, if water is coming. When Incoming Water is 0 then I will 74ls04 datasheet run the motor irrespective of tanks.