Administrative Processing – (g) is given in this category when visa officer Hello I applied from South Africa I’m a Nigerian I got a g green form it’s a. Consult officer keep my passport but did not take 2×2 photo and gave g slip( light green colour).because i need joint sponcer. They told me. Chances vary from case to case and depend upon the submitted documents. Processing time also varies – some cases are completed within.

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Not sure about your personal situation try to get legal help if you are not clear what your actual situation is. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Comments Policy: The VO asked me all the standard questions like work profile, salary, place of work etc and then he gave me a g green slip writing down a list of documents that I need to collect grren my employer and come back any day for the interview again.

What could be the reasons? Did they ask for any other documents? Hi Expert, I went for my H1 interview in December and was given g white slip. Me and my wife got US visa last year, but my wife was expecting at that time so we were not able to travel. I am on the same boat…Did you hear back from consulate? What does that mean. I would be going again for an IR2 Visa Interview after my case was reaffirmed.

Actually same happened with me as a part of first g they asked me to appear for interview then during interview they give me yellow slip with the list of documents and returned my passport. I am also in same boat.

You may also receive a new g letter. I wanted to grene if I should take following steps.

What is 221g ? Process, How long to Resolve, Delay, Issues, FAQs

I am still waiting on my medical result. I was appeared for my F1 visa interview by January 16th but due to some sort of administrative processing G I could not joined my university 221y I was intended to, so I defer my admission from spring to fall, Is there any way to know the current Status?

It just says my case has to undergo some admin processing. They mention to the candidate that everything is fine with their application but the consulate needs more time to process the application. However he said that he would like to see new police clearance certificates for my wife and older daughter from Dubai Police before he could authorize issuance of their visa.

Have heard one more case same as mine but was approved so I dont know whats causing this gdeen. Usually issued when the applicant is working at a vendor other than the employer. Got another green slip ans vo told greeb need to verify some more info and still no update. Dont worry just be patient and look out for email from them.

You are way far ahead then a lot of people. Posted on July 17, Does 21g change mean anything? On 01Nov17 we attended visa interview in Delhi embassy. She said one gteen. It will impact on Administrative process. I am bot sure what is going on with this visa. My husband got interviewed on 2dec ,and they give him g, and we submitted all the documents twice but now again they give us same letter g with a passport, my husband and meso much stressedcan somebody explain something plz.

Thnx a lot for ur response. Why do u think they will want me to come for an interview?

g green slip – Bringing Family Members of Permanent Residents to America – VisaJourney

Asked the VO — how long will it take? After few months I got blessed with baby girl and then I applied for her visa too. Nvc did not ask for a joint sponsorship from you before scheduling interview?? In a employer vendor client EVC model or employer client EC model if the candidate is missing essential documentation such as Client Letter or provides mismatching information the consulate sends the cases back to USCIS to verify the initially approved application.

Did they return your passport?

The application is sent to USCIS for verifying the eligibility of the candidate The employee-employer relation not properly established Job duties have changed significantly with the vendor and no amended petition was filed Not enough information fom the vendor or greeb client Job profile does not match with employee background 7. Please be assured once again that we will contact you as soon as the processing of your case is complete.

I went for my interview again since after they told me they are sending back my documents to USCIS for approval. If it is mentioned in g notice to send documents through email then it is right way. Some information on the nature of color coding can be found on the website: The reason given for this was that the certificates submitted to the NVC on 4 July were dated 29 June but stated that these were only valid for 6 months.

Apply for a U.S. Visa

I submitted on 18th March There is no set timeline for g processing. I am French and Venezuelan dad french, born in France, mom venezuelan, lived 10 years in Venezuela. The following are the reasons:.

Collection Centre returns your documents and your passport to you at your chosen document delivery pickup location. Why it is not changed to AP?

I have same issue at the moment. I almost fainted, I had my dream M. And did you reply me that my case is a green slip?

Then on Dec 19 we got an email from Ustraveldocs to submit our passports. April 20, at Gorm find the answer you were looking for?